InDebted is changing the world of consumer debt recovery for good. Fueled by machine learning, their intelligent platform gives businesses the power to take a truly modern and customer-first approach to collections globally. By using InDebted to deliver tailored experiences and personalized communications on the digital channels customers prefer, businesses can maintain positive relationships with their customer base while increasing the success rate of recoveries.

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Project Summary

After working on round-robin assignment criteria and connectors with Outreach, LinkedIn, Slack, and Einstein, we created a powerful CRM software. It enabled leads to be assigned to the most appropriate sales executive based on their geographical location. Our team automated all events and updates to provide a seamless and uninterrupted process. That proved to be a game changer! It allowed the sales executives to operate more effectively and respond to inquiries more rapidly. The client specifically liked elements like lead assignment, task management, activity management, event management, and automation flow. The project gave our team greater experience with third-party Salesforce integration.

  • Geographical round-robin lead assignment with slack notifications on lead assignments.
  • Sync data between Outreach and Salesforce so executives can view all details of leads and contacts in Salesforce.
  • Completed tasks in Outreach to be reflected in SFDC activities/events.
  • Setting up Einstein to create a meeting event in SFDC for Einstein to capture events from the calendar.
  • Tracking the LinkedIn activity of Salesforce leads, accounts, and contacts, and linking under the related list.
  • Custom reports and dashboards of Outreach email delivery overview, Outreach call activity, and Outreach tasks completed must be viewed in Salesforce.
  • Creating a Round Robin Assignment rule and assigning leads to a different user based on geographical location.
  • Integration of slack with Salesforce so that it can send slack notifications when a lead is assigned to a user.
  • Integration of Outreach with Salesforce
  • Syncing data and adding all activities of Outreach under the Salesforce lead-related list
  • Setting up Einstein to capture Einstein events from the Gmail calendar.
  • Creating Salesforce Custom Reports and Dashboard to display all insights of Outreach and Salesforce activities.
  • Enabling automation to automatically update the status of a task based on the outbound category.
  • Integrating LinkedIn to SFDC for tracking LinkedIn activity.
  • We proposed the round-robin lead assignment rule to assign a different user to leads based on geographical location and create other rules based on criteria.
  • For Slack alerts, we recommended integrating Salesforce with Slack to send notifications when a lead is inserted.
  • To synchronize data between outreach and Salesforce, our team proposed to integrate Outreach with Salesforce so that all lead and contact details can be viewed in Salesforce, as well as completed tasks in Outreach would be reflected in SFDC activities/events.
  • Regarding updating tasks, our developers proposed an automation flow using a process builder to update task status based on the outbound category.
  • For tracking LinkedIn activity, we proposed the integration of LinkedIn with SFDC and managed activity under the lead.
  • To view all Outreach insights in Salesforce, we created a custom Report and Dashboard as per need.
  • A lead from the United States is automatically assigned to a different user until everyone has been assigned the same amount, and the cycle is repeated.
  • The platform sends Slack Notifications to users when a lead is assigned to them.
  • After integrating Outreach with Salesforce, all outreach prospects are synced with Salesforce along with all outreach statistics such as email delivery overview, call activity, and task completion.
  • Update task status automatically based on the outbound category.
  • All emails and email events are automatically captured and linked to records through Einstein Activity Capture.
  • Successfully synced LinkedIn tasks between LinkedIn connections, messages, or interactions. The platform allows users to view all users' LinkedIn tasks and Outreach statistics through the dashboard.
  • Salesforce programming
  • Sales Cloud
  • Slack
  • Outreach
Ynna Alysandra Laraya
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This was my first experience with them and we were treated very well. They are very accommodating on our questions and really take time to research Salesforce and Outreach docs for tasks that are not currently enabled on our system. Work happened fast, clean and was communicated well - with regular updates, questions and check-ins. This was a great experience and we will be returning to their services for future projects.

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Ynna Alysandra Laraya

Business Analyst RevOps, Indebted | Australia

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