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Project Summary

Manpower management is one of the core activities of an organization. It entails developing processes for efficiently analyzing, monitoring, managing, and rewarding personnel based on their performance. And that was exactly what our client required. We were able to successfully complete the “WorkForce Estimation/Manpower Management” project with new features. Our team built this platform with technologies such as the ASP.NET 4.5 framework and MVC to help HR employees with resource utilization and allocation. We also created separate approver and creator panels to offer more flexibility to the users. Although working with an old framework like Web forms on the client's in-premise system through a remote connection proved difficult, our developers overcame this and completed the project on time while focusing on high-quality outcomes. The client also commended our support and maintenance services for facilitating a seamless transfer.

  • A software to forecast actual manpower utilization
  • The HR team was required to keep an eye on the required resources.
  • It was also essential to improve the accuracy and reduce the time taken to estimate.
  • The login was to be done against Windows Authentication.
  • The software was also required to provide month wise projection based on the stage and program level.
  • A provision for leveling based on the designation of employees was also needed.
  • The client required a platform that could dynamically manage the "Manage Programs" page based on the project type and "Start Month" selection.
  • The platform should also be able to manage the month-based buffering on the duration entered by the admin on the template page.
  • The users should handle the view page for month-wise staging for particular program groups with the programs assigned and the resource allocation.
  • The management of the level-wise approver for each view page with month-wise staging should be simple
  • Apart from that, users should be able to manage the level of access to submit and view the functionality of the month-wise staging information.
  • We defined and implemented an effective development architecture.
  • Our team also recommended a robust windows authentication procedure.
  • The developers suggested creating a method to get SAP data besides developing master pages and detail pages.
  • We proposed implementing a generic repository pattern and also implementing aggregate reports for users.
  • Our team also suggested managing the attrition and joined employee data.
  • Our developers were able to increase flexibility of the admin panel to check any issue with the approver and the creator panel.
  • We created a flexible impersonate page for the admin to check the issue at the level of approver and creator.
  • We also provided support and service from time to time during development as per the client’s requirements to make sure the transition was smooth.
  • ASP.NET Web Form (Framework 4.5)
  • SQL server 2012

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