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Chatbot Development

Bot development can be considered as a sub software within a software designed to carry out any particular sort of task with the help of its own intelligence. Same is the story with chatbots as they are developed to carry out the conversation with human or system in a conventional manner.

How to build a chatbot from scratch? Chatbots are designed in such a way that they generate a reply to the conversation on their own with the help of algorithms set within it. Chatbot development is the new sensation in the corporate world as they make it easier for the enterprises to communicate with humans and machines.

Why it matters to your profession

Management – Automating interactions between your company and people is the necessary next step in the digitalization process. It will reduce costs, drive organizational efficiency, increase employee happiness and customer satisfaction.

Customer Care – Provide excellent service to your customers when and where they want. Take the pressure off your current team and focus the human efforts on heavier tasks.

Commerce – Drive sales by delivering shopping opportunities in the channel your users prefer. Gain unmatched insights through one-to-one automated conversations with your customers.

Marketing – Reach and engage potential customers through one-to-one conversations at scale and in the channel they prefer.

Human Resources – A happy team means better business. Improve employee onboarding and gain actionable insights by providing tools for work satisfaction and stress management through automated conversation.

Intelligent Bot Creation Which Scales on Demand

Accelerated Development

Azure bot services is excellent and at par when it comes to providing an integrated environment along with power connectors, Microsoft’s SDK connectors, frameworks and other essential for advanced bot development. There is everything stored for the developers, like – languages, templates, question & answer etc to get started efficiently for creation of chat bots.

Cognitive Services to Enable Intelligence in Bots

Do not limit your chatbot with just a feature to interact, but make it even more smarter to do a certain tasks link with communication category only, like – identifying the picture of the users, reading their profile and offering insights etc. This way your bot will more than just a chatbot and will be more feasible to you depend upon it for a variety of work. Cognitive services can help in making your chatbot smarter and even more intelligent.

Greater Engagement with your Audience

Your audience is everywhere.They are on the blogging sites, news sites, social media channels and popular eCommerce platforms. Thus, your bot should be there to interact with them. Narola offers integration chat bot services that allow your bots to integrate with such websites and to communicate with your potential users and prospects.

Chat bots – The Digital Army

Your virtual bots are your digital assistants. They can communicate with your customers, employees and prospects users all at the same time and in a different fashion, keeping them all satisfied and up to their mark.

Customer Assistant

Customer Care

Ably connect with your customers 24×7 and anywhere.


Grow your sales by reading through the customers’ insight.


Develop your fan base while communicating with them on forums.


Unleash your content where your target audience makes the visit the most.

Employee Assistant

Meeting scheduling

Scheduling your meetings at an appropriate time.

Information Sharing

Share crucial information across department, safely and quickly.

Employee Satisfaction

Satisfying the employees by offering solutions to their queries.

Employee Onboarding

Keep the joining of the employee hustle & bustle free.

Our Technological Expertise

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  • Narola Infotech helped me configure the positioning of these customized Joomla modules using CSS to place them as per my design screenshot. They also agreed to work on a Saturday (for a bonus) so that it would be done by Monday. Thanks!!!

    Kimo Lee
    Kimo Lee Azurelink | USA
  • Very happy. Delivered in less hours and duration than estimated and provided regular detailed communications throughout.

    Chris Zemdegs
    Chris Zemdegs Infront Systems | Australia

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