January 18, 2021

Leena Sanap


Checking whether Working directly with a developer or via a project manager will help you to get the right scoop on software development. It will help you to get your website application developed in India or overseas in a proper manner. This is also applicable to other development projects like mobile and game app creation. It will be exactly like the one you have in mind. To begin with, the technique works to improves quality. In like manner, it also hammers the cost down by around 35%. The good thing is, it’s tried, tested, and proven for over 8 years.

Narola's Unique Methodology

Come to think of it, this is a simple method actually, one which we call Narola Unique Methodology, and it’s perfectly apt for any of these scenarios.

  • New websites or shopping carts, mobile applications
  • Enhancing and refurbishing existing sites and apps
  • Annual Maintenance contract for web properties
  • Custom development of software.

Step by step explanation of the methodology

What happens usually?

Generally, you hire a web development company. You might end up recruiting a freelance website designer or hire a mobile application developer in India or abroad. In some cases, you might opt for an expensive in-house IT wing. There is a project manager/ Team Lead, a go-between who takes your brief and passes the instructions ‘down the line’ to the developers.

Dilusion of ideas happens due to this. They are modified or are outright forgotten. Nevertheless, a website does get built but it may nowhere be near your vision and naturally, it doesn’t work for the business as effectively you planned.

Or even worse, the developer may treat each discussion as a ‘Change Request’ and charge you extra for it. as can be seen this can lead to be a sure way for the costs to go overboard.

Working Directly with the Web Developer:

Long back, we found what troubles the customers most and designed Unique Methodology is equally important as a practical solution to the issue. In brief, this is how it works.

We have nearly 100 professionals experts in PHP, WooCommerce, Android/ iOS apps, Joomla, and other technologies/ tools presently.

You can discuss with the team directly, tell them about your project, and hear their suggestions.

You get a clear picture of the project scope. Under all circumstances, you get the appropriate technologies and tools needed and estimate the ideal team size and costs for on-time completion.

The next two steps are the true game-changers.

We have nearly 100 professionals on board. You have the freedom to select those you think are best for the project, resize or rejig the team as the project goes along.

The clincher is that throughout the project. You’re welcome to interact directly with your exclusive team via frequent screenshots and progress reports. In essence, you’re co-piloting the project.

Of course, our Project Managers demonstrate the best skills. We are on hand to assist you with routine management or technical insights.

Vital Gains:

It’s not unusual to save around 35% of costs as things are done the right first time. Here are 4 other advantages of working directly with developers.

  • Hearing your thoughts directly helps the developer to mirror them closely in the project and get quickly to the final analysis
  • As the project takes shape in front of you, there is freedom of on-the-spot adjustments
  • You can approve mid-stream modifications and Change requests quickly with an eye on costs as long as you are working with a direct developer.
  • Reach markets faster owing to better communication when you hire a website application developer in India or any other part of the world.


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