January 19, 2021


Leena Sanap


In mobile phones and mobile app development, Android and iOS are the rulers. At this stage, they have kept all other competitors far behind. There was a time when Windows was ruling the computing industry. Even the big giants surrendered against it. Now, the question is – why windows were not able to triumph the mobile market. This was even though they had the most successful run in the computer market. We thoroughly researched the subject and found out these reasons. These are the 3 main reasons for the Windows debacle :

Windows Debacle because they failed to Realize the Under-Current

Windows were doing well in the computing sector. However, it failed to realize the momentum shift towards mobile computing. The sudden rise in the mobile market and rapid changes in technology was a clear signal that something revolutionary will be soon hitting the mobile industry. But, they didn’t pay much heed to it and as a result, they settled back in the race since the very first stage.

Windows Failed in Understanding the Customer

There was no comparison of Windows in understanding the mind of the audience as far as desktop and computer industry is concerned. They have ruled it for more than two decades. They also came with the windows phone at the initial stage, which worked exactly the same as the computer. Here, they failed to understand that people do not want to use the mobile as they use their computer as operating the then version of windows was easy on a computer and highly complicated on the mobile phone.

Windows Responded too Late

What hurts the Windows company was its incapability in coming up with a different kind of operating system for mobile. They were rigid in coming up with something new. They wanted to have some kind of OS for mobile and computer. Though they managed to do it till then, it has got too late because Android and iOS already dominated the market till then and there was nothing that Windows could have done to beat them in competition. However, in the initial years – there were some footprints of windows phones in the market but now they are drastically disappearing.

Apart, from these reasons, the windows OS version back then was not much liked by people. Thus, they hurried in satisfying their desktop customers by bringing a newer version rapidly. So, all these together become the key reasons for the windows debacle in the mobile market.

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