February 3, 2021

Leena Sanap


Software Automation has penetrated deep into almost every industry today. Whether it is Manufacturing, agriculture, IT, or even the real estate industry. And, the change rightfully deserves to be embraced as it is profitable to the business. It provides lead generation to the owners with an increase in customers and a better experience or services to the customers.

Today’s customer is tech-savvy. They seek services and products from companies that use technologies that are up-to-date. If are a business owner then undoubtedly you must invest in Chatbot for real estate. All you have to do is join hands with a reliable Chatbot development company and provide clarity of your requirements to them.

Chatbot for real estate websites and mobile applications can work wonders for your business. You may not understand the significance of implementing chatbots for real estate. So, in this article, we cover all the aspects of its successful implementation and why your real estate company certainly needs to make this investment right away.

Significance of Chatbots for Real Estate Businesses:

Keep Your Business running 24*7:

With an advanced chatbot performing the tasks of interacting with your customers, the necessity to hire a human agent for such tasks reduces significantly. Moreover, there are no restrictions on timings or spending a lot of money.

Chatbot for real estate is a one-time investment that will give you maximum ROI. The bot will successfully bring qualified leads to you. This enhances the customer services and thus engagement as the visitors are sure that they shall receive reliable customer support at all times.

Scale your Business:

When you are in the real estate business, there are multiple properties and a large number of users that are to be catered. Sharing the correct information at all times in an error-free way can be taxing. Moreover, it becomes expensive to hire many resources for bringing online leads.

By investing in the development of chatbots for real estate, you do not have to worry about handling your online clients. The bots are capable of simultaneously and efficiently tackling large traffic arriving on your website or mobile app.

Engage your Customers:

The chatbot development is so advanced today that the responses received by the customers in real-time are identical to that of a real estate agent as opposed to the robotic ones. Previously, the conversations would be lack-luster and would therefore miss the important point of being interactive.

As soon as the prospective customer drops a text message, they receive an immediate response through the chatbot for the said query. This helps a lot in nurturing and building a lasting relationship with your customers. The chatbot takes you a step beyond the online form filling which leaves the customer anxious whether they would receive a response. You may even lose a potential client due to miscommunication or timely addressing their queries.

Incorporate in Social Media:

The presence of social media is a dominating one in almost all industries today. Not only can you have your chatbot company implement the bot on your official website and app, but they can also integrate your chatbot on various other platforms like Facebook Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp, Slack, etc.

You can make your real estate business omnipresent leaving no stone unturned for generating a medium for customers to reach out to you. A chatbot does not completely replace your live agent but it lessens the burden on their shoulders by providing a headstart.

Know The Market:

Giving the customer what they want is the goal of every business. Not only does it saves time, but it also validates your efficiency and builds a positive image before the customer who can further refer your services to others.

A chatbot can be methodically used to gain insights into customer behavior and studying market trends. For eg. what are the kind of properties the general public is looking for, and overall studying the market trend. You can accordingly fixate the value of services you provide.

Channelize your Resources:

With Chatbots handling all the customers arriving through various platforms, you can optimize the work left to be handled by your expert agents. They have to pursue only quality leads that convert into a fruitful business.

A chatbot can be efficiently linked to your Customer relationship management providing you all the history of communication and other relevant data of all the customers. This helps the agent a lot in serving them better when they take over as there is a consolidated view readily available.

Streamlining Operations:

Whether it is scheduling meetings with your particular agent, organizing property tours, or carrying out other monotonous tasks like sharing contact details like phone numbers, emails, etc. a chatbot is built in a way that it can arrange these tasks flawlessly.

A chatbot can even share a virtual tour of a particular property on-demand by the customer. Since these activities are carried before the client actually meets your employee, the process is likely to be speeded up.

Answer every Question by your customers:

Chatbots in the real estate industry can easily ask and answer the following questions and more

Do you wish to buy/sell/rent a property?

Are you looking for a Commercial/Residential property?

Any specifications in the property you are looking for (Eg. 2 BHK/3 BHK, recreation center, swimming pool, urban/outskirts)

What is your maximum budget?

City/Location-specific information

Once the customer is able to answer these questions, they have a clear idea in their mind of what to expect and your agent can present them with the best offers and properties.

In Conclusion

A real estate chatbot can be the missing part of the puzzle in your business that helps you cover your customers in a 360-degree manner. It helps you listen to your clients and segregates them by keeping you on the right track of lead generation. With newer technologies like artificial intelligence, the chatbots for real estate are endowed with a more human-like interaction making it an affordable Centrepoint of your business.

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