January 10, 2023

Rohit Rawat


There are many reasons for app failure. It might be glitchy, it may not be engaging enough or the UI might not be that appealing. However, there is something above all of this that if developers fail to accomplish, no strategy can save the app from its doom. And for an app as complex as a healthcare app, it is the most important.

And that is choosing the right technology.

Every app utilizes a technology stack with every tech responsible for something particular. But there is one technology that is dominant. In this blog, we will discuss why PHP web development services are the best to build a healthcare app or software.

How PHP Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

Every custom healthcare software development company in New York wants to use the best technology for their software. Let's find out what makes PHP the most suitable language for something as critical as healthcare software.

1. PHP Targets More Devices

Although PHP was designed to be a server-side language, developers started using it as a general-purpose language too. That increased the significance of PHP since you can now use it to create desktop, web and mobile apps. Apart from that, users can access the apps made from PHP from all major operating systems, mobile platforms, and web browsers.

This became a boon for healthcare apps. You can now hire PHP developers who can easily make apps for different platforms and operating systems. This means lower cost and time-to-market.

2. PHP Increases Efficiency of EHR Management Systems

These days, it has become very convenient for patients to access their medical records, all thanks to EHR (Electronic Health Records) management systems. However, that means thousands of patients will access their records at any given time. Therefore, the application must be powerful enough to handle so many requests simultaneously.

Here also, a PHP web development company can come to your rescue. Some of the most popular websites and social networking sites use PHP as it has the capability to cater to thousands of client requests. As a result, the PHP healthcare application can effectively handle many users at once.


3. PHP Works Seamlessly With Databases

For online healthcare management systems, data is of utmost importance. It not only helps them keep a tab on their patients but also deciphers any pattern that might lead to any life-threatening situation for a patient. Therefore, these systems have to deal with tons of data.

One of the best features of a PHP healthcare application is that it works flawlessly with popular databases, including MySQL, SQLite, dBase, FrontBase, InterBase, ODBC, and IBM DB2. The programming language's quick data processing capability makes it even simpler for programmers to build data-driven healthcare enterprise and EHR systems.

4. PHP Applications are Easy to Update

The critical nature of EHR systems makes it mandatory for them to have the most updated information. That’s why many EHR apps allow patients to update their data periodically. This would require regular updates on the app by the developer.

In a different scenario, this would have been a herculean task. But a PHP web development agency will find updating and maintaining the app a simple process. Furthermore, without exerting additional effort, the app's developers can add new features and functionality. As a result, updating the system to suit your unique healthcare management requirements is simple.

5. PHP Helps Reach More People

Patients can now access their health records from any location and at any time, thanks to mobile devices. Most users today use their smartphones or tablets to access their electronic health records. Therefore, an EHR system must be usable on a variety of mobile platforms and devices.

The PHP frameworks have reduced the time and effort required for developers to create mobile applications. They can also make the online healthcare management systems mobile-friendly. As a result, developing a healthcare enterprise application that users can access on a variety of devices has become much simpler.

Why Laravel is the Most Important PHP Framework for Healthcare App Development

If you ask experts which PHP framework is the best for making healthcare applications, they won’t pause for even a second before saying Laravel. But why is that? Why is Laravel considered the best PHP framework to make healthcare applications. That is exactly what we are going to find out in this section.

1. Authorization

The main concerns of patients while using healthcare applications are authorization and data privacy. There may be times when people want to restrict access to a few of the app's features. While other technologies would find it challenging to accomplish this, the Laravel framework does it flawlessly. Laravel enhances the overall user experience by granting authorization to specific users through its inbuilt systems like policies and gates.

Laravel safeguards your app's data in addition to thwarting numerous SQL injection attacks. With the help of this ingenious framework, which creates a special CSRF token and encrypts user data, your health app can be protected from all types of potential fraud and attack.

2. Authentication

Although this is an extension of the above point, it still required a special mention. Healthcare applications store extremely confidential patient data. The applications must be extremely secure so that users can be sure that no data will be lost or leaked. Because of this, every Laravel developer spends a lot of time on authentication code to ensure top-notch security.

However, Laravel 5 has simplified the authentication process in PHP web application development with its most recent update. There are numerous security regulations and access controls now. Additionally, it brings a tool (a scheduler) along with it to make managing Cron tasks easily.

If you want to know how you can find the best PHP development company for your project, read this comprehensive blog that we have created for it

3. Traffic Management

Healthcare systems have always processed a large amount of data. However, when wearable devices gained popularity, this data increased exponentially. So the data these systems now process range from patient information to vital signs through wearable devices.

Ordinarily, this should have resulted in lag and delays while using the app. But due to the efficient message queue system of Laravel, this heavy traffic gets managed properly. This is the reason why PHP for the healthcare industry is so significant.

With its effective load balancing and message queue system, Laravel provides excellent speed enhancement, enabling a free flow of data. Developers can use queues to delay time-consuming tasks while expediting others, such as web requests, among other tasks. Therefore, Laravel allows programmers to run and configure queues for excellent traffic management.

4. Data Interoperability

Medical emergencies require rapid sharing of data around the world. If data flow gets hindered, then the entire motive of creating healthcare applications and software would lose its purpose. For this, the healthcare app must be able to connect to the device and share data with other users on the network efficiently.

Here, Laravel performs admirably. In addition to several other built-in migration systems, it has controllers and views to make the process of data interoperability simpler, quicker, and more effective.

5. On-Time Communication

Communication plays a vital role in maintaining a patient’s health. In case of emergencies, communication could become a matter of life and death. In such a situation, it is pertinent that the communication between the patient and the medical service provider is efficient and glitch-free.

Because of this, when developers use Laravel to create healthcare apps, its features easily manage time and date, set up urgent consultations, and conveniently and quickly schedule appointments.

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