January 21, 2021

Leena Sanap


The technical world is aware of the fact that Apple has declared Swift as its official programming language to develop apps for iOS. However, many of you may have a question in mind that Why should one choose swift over other programming languages? So, here we have come up with strong support for Swift which will ensure you that why you must choose it?

Powerful and Safe

Swift language is innovated under the powerful supervision of Apple and IBM, undoubtedly the two big tech giants and thus, one cannot question its unique approach. Swift offers an easy compilation of code and also keeps the unsafe code away making the app quickly accessible. Also, the latest version of the language is based on Module optimization Technology and is far easy to learn and to write codes in it. The development of Swift is great innovation gifted to the market as it opens the door for an app developers to be more creative as they have larger space for innovation with the said language.

iOS Developers Love It

Questions may be in the minds of the common people regarding the effectiveness of swift language over others, but swift app developers know it all that they are dealing with one of the best programming languages. We all know that Swift is an extension of C language as it is formed on the syntax of Objective C; it makes the code more readable.

In the past, the iOS applications developers have worked with closed and open features of Objective C. Thus, Swift language is like Old wine in a new bottle kind of thing for them. They are familiar with the language already but the best thing is – the flexibility of the language to provide greater space for creativity.

Swift also brings playgrounds to Xcode which makes it easier to test the code in quick succession of the time. It also ensures the development of the app in the most resourceful conduct with very less or no default bugs. It also helps the developer to check the code on their own in a better way. Thus, testers or QAs are left with very less work to do.

Also, one is not required to be very proficient in the C language to learn shift. Any technical person can easily learn it and can develop a swift app comfortably.

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