January 28, 2021


Leena Sanap


An HRMS software is the human resource management system that enables the effortless automation of your organization’s management. Right from employee management to the finances, everything is covered under its umbrella of various features.

It is a general notion that only big companies with a substantially big number of employees are in need of HRMS software to avoid chaos. But, it’s time you burst the bubble. An HRMS implementation can prove to be helpful even if you have 25+ employees.

An organization can work efficiently for small business owners when they have complete knowledge of their employee data. Right from personal information, attendance tracking, payrolls, increments, etc; all reports and documentation need to be maintained.

For most small businesses, the administration is the biggest drain as they have to employ additional resources in the form of people and space to look after that. Moreover, there are no performance reviews that can help in the evaluation and making confirmed decisions. An HRMS software is a delight when it comes to workforce management.

The Essentials in HRMS software for Small Businesses:

Most small companies and businesses cannot afford to create a designated human resources department. And, if they do at all, recruiting only a smaller number of employees for the same is affordable. So, if you are such an owner, here’s what you should look out for in an HRMS software that you purchase.

Remote access:

Your software should have login credential features which not only maintain security to prevent unauthorized access but it should also be accessible online via the internet. There are situations when you need to urgently address some issues in human resources or need certain reports. In that case, remote access is a crucial requirement.


Your HRMS software is a one-time investment. You must analyze the utility of this software keeping the advantage of the long run in mind. A software that allows you to make only one-time payments for using it is very beneficial. Thereafter the costs to bear for support and maintenance would not be a lot. Such an adjustment makes it viable to start using the product and make upgrades in the very long run.

Scalability & Parameterization:

Your business is unique and so are its needs. If you follow a standard template it will definitely create more of a problem than a solution for managing employees. When you agree upon buying an HRMS software, you must ensure that it conforms to your needs. The flexibility must be made possible by the solution providers.

Provides Support:

Whenever you start working with software, there is a lot of trouble getting used to its features and usage. Also, in the long run, there might be certain glitches that you face or the software does not function well due to some technical issues. Therefore it is necessary that your human resources (HR) software come in with a user manual to able a smooth transition. Moreover, the solutions provider should provide some sort of support and maintenance which builds trust that you are choosing the right product.

Keeping in mind all of these points for well-functioning small and large businesses, we have developed “Narola HRMS”. It is a great software that can be used to handle every part of your company management from recruitment, employee management, their payrolls/salary, attendance, leaves management, and evaluation/performance management.

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