March 16, 2022

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The Internet of Things (IoT) used to feel like a distant technology until a few years ago. With the advancement in technology, it has now become an integral and intimate part of our lives. There was a time when only big companies with a huge budget could afford to make IoT applications. But not anymore, with ReactJS development services, this tech is now within reach of almost everyone.

challenges in IoT application development

But why ReactJS? Why not any other technology?

Although the benefits of IoT are innumerable, it is not devoid of drawbacks. However, using ReactJS negates its drawbacks and results in a flawless app. We understand if you are confused, but this article will clear all your doubts.

How ReactJS Helps in Overcoming These Challenges

How ReactJS helps

In this article, we will discuss how ReactJS helps overcome the challenges developers face in making IoT apps.

Security and Privacy

Privacy and security are two of the most sensitive problems surrounding IoT application development. Yet, the task is a substantial one that the development community should take seriously.

However, it is critical to understand that security encompasses not only network security but of elements used in IoT application development. The applications are primarily supported by a network, which is responsible for linking the software and hardware components. Apart from that, it also transports a large amount of data.

Data gets transmitted across a network of linked gadgets that intrude on the user's private space. Since there is so much data online, the risks of cyber attacks and hacking are significantly higher. As a result, when a developer is working on an IoT application, security is always a big concern.

How ReactJS Helps

Securing Authentication

Developers must ensure that the connection between the server and the client is safe. This is a fundamental yet important aspect for the security of the application.

When designing applications, developers should use the realm property in the domain header. Custom ReactJS development services provide a very straightforward way to ensure connection security between the server and client.

Another simple and successful strategy is to utilize multi-factor authentication wherever possible. This authentication approach ensures that a user gets access to critical areas of the app after giving two or more authentication credentials. This is to confirm their identity and prevent unauthorized people from accessing sensitive data.

Making HTML Code Robust

Since every React application relies on HTML to load, it's critical to ensure that the HTML code is secure. Any HTML element with the 'disabled' attribute is rendered non-mutable. With a form, developers can't focus on or submit that element.

They can also include some validation and only activate the element if it fulfills that validation. ReactJS web development eliminates the possibility of malicious data being uploaded, which might have severe consequences.

There is another thing that developers can do to make the HTML code resilient. JavaScript XML (JSX) is a React syntax that allows them to write HTML. Developers can use the built-in auto-escaping functionality to safeguard the application.

The ReactJS platform will automatically escape values that are not part of the bound data if developers bind data with curly brackets ({}) by default.

URL Validation

The allowlist/blocklist technique is another way to secure your IoT application made with ReactJS. When developers have a list of all the safe and accessible links, they can use the allowlist method. When they have a list of possible threats, they can use the blocklist method that will prohibit the request if it seeks access.

It's tough to identify and track all the potentially harmful links. Therefore, developers should allow only known sites and block everything else.

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The real-time transmission of data lies at the heart of IoT application development. However, due to inadequate connectivity or latency, this becomes an issue. It is incredibly helpful to have connected gadgets that offer useful front-end information.

When IoT sensors monitor, process data, and supply information, poor connectivity becomes a problem. In fact, when it comes to connecting devices, applications, and cloud platforms, a connection is the most important consideration.

How ReactJS Helps

React enables a project's compositional structure rather than an inheritance-based one. In short, a compositional structure aids in the organization of code. In traditional OOP, developers must first construct a class or object, which another object inherits.

When used for a large IoT project, the inheritance model can become highly convoluted and difficult to follow. However, building an application with ReactJS is quite easy because of React libraries. Developers can use other components within a component once they create it. Using this approach, developers can design and use components for specific IoT devices.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

It is essential for developers to balance IoT hardware and software functionalities in IoT development. Development teams must focus on creating the best device possible, but this may limit the product's ability to be updated.

In addition, if the device has a heavy operating system, it might enable the usage of new functions, features, and bug fixes. However, that will result in reduced performance. Therefore, developers must ensure that the IoT device strikes the right balance in giving optimal performance and frequent system updates and bug fixes.

How ReactJS Helps

React native helps a lot in cross-platform development. It is similar to ReactJS, but instead of using web components as building blocks, it employs native components. Therefore, you should hire ReactJS developers who know and understand both.

It allows the developer to refresh the program while it is still in development with the help of Hot Reload. That refreshes the program automatically as the code is modified.

It also helps track all of the developer's new changes in real-time and obtains real-time data for the application's users. Developers also get updated UI and structural content, as the user's code and script are continually changing.

React Native also has a lot of pre-built native components that aid in cross-platform app development. Naturally, it finds a very significant application in IoT app development.

Data Collection and Processing

Data collection and processing is a challenging task for developers because IoT applications include a large amount of data. Along with preparing for privacy and security, development teams must consider how they can acquire, keep, and process data in a given environment.

It's also crucial to ensure that the data size stored in the cloud meets platform requirements. This becomes a huge task for the team developing IoT apps.

How ReactJS Helps

The lifecycle methods of ReactJS web development are ideal for IoT projects. These approaches ensure that all of the components are up to date with the latest data. Lifecycle methods make the application's interactions with the outside world more efficient. When a developer updates a component, it starts a series of lifecycle methods.

Lifecycle methods are a convenient approach to managing app changes. When fresh data from the actual world arrives, the application is verified for accuracy and modifies the elements.

Since each component in ReactJS is unique, developers may need to work on them separately. They don't have to be concerned about the impact of changing one component on the rest of the code. Because of React's separation of responsibilities, components only know what they need to know. That’s why ReactJS development services are such an important part of IoT application development.

Developers can manage data in one place and then passed down to child components. They can also isolate sensor components from data receiving and processing components. This means developers won't get bogged down with IoT sensor and data code interactions.

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In Conclusion

Developing an IoT application may seem challenging, but with the right tech, it becomes a piece of cake. But along with that, you also need the appropriate expertise to use and work with that technology.

That is where Narola Infotech comes in. The developers of our ReactJS development company are experts in this technology. With their years of experience behind them, they can make an app that will not only be functional but aesthetically pleasing too. Contact us today with your project requirements, and our experts will discuss them thoroughly with you.

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