August 18, 2021

Ifrah Khan


When you decide to set up a Fintech startup, one has to take prime decisions that you can’t undo afterward. And your choice of the tech stack, primarily, the programming language is one such decision that is hard to retract. So, one wrong step in this direction and it may cost you heavily, placing you in a pitfall-like situation despite your best efforts and intentions. So, your FinTech requires a programming language that’s convenient to handle; it’s mature, scalable, have high-performance, and is coupled with excellent components and ready-made libraries. Fortunately, Python development is a quick fix and one-stop solution that answers all your fintech requirements. 

What The Statistics Say About Python Web Development For Fintech!

According to PRNewswire, the international FinTech market is expected to pile up by $309.98 billion at the CAGR rate of 24.8%, and it’s currently valued at $127.66 billion. The astounding growth of the FinTech market is the outcome of digital transactions and payments. Right from the traders to investors to the personal loan customers, each one is engaged with Fintech. Moreover, Python software development is extremely robust for Fintech applications and finance. Additionally, it is now the third most renowned programming language only behind Java and C. It is also used in Fintech to work effectively with the data. After looking at this section, in today’s world, you will better understand how Python knowledge is becoming superior to many other programming languages. Also, you will learn various features of this programming language that contribute to making it a unique programming language for all the Fintech solutions. Besides using it for building secured payment solutions, numerous Python features crown it as the best choice for FinTech solutions. Moreover, Python is the best choice in finance because of the following reasons:

1. Functions with Django

Django framework and Python are made for each other as they work hand-in-hand. The framework with the philosophy “batteries-included” (meaning having a versatile and large library of useful modules) allows developers to write top-notch programs. In addition, Django offers statistics, analytics, regression, computation capabilities, and a lot more.

2. Simple And Flexible

The simplicity and integrity of Python-based systems are the outcomes of simple and flexible code. Moreover, developers can easily and quickly write code as the syntax is not that complicated. Also, financial technology services need intricate features that can simply integrate into the desired solution. Also, it’s extremely flexible and allows developers to write even complex codes easily.

3. Rapid MVP development

Particularly, Python development is beneficial for quicker MVP development. Because of the flexibility and simplicity, one can quickly create a prototype and use it to accomplish feedback and investment. Moreover, quick prototyping features allow Fintech companies to have a competitive advantage over other financial apps launched every month.

4. Highly Scalable

Python claims to be one of the most popular and scalable programming languages. As a result, it can be your ultimate companion when you require to operate on a huge amount of data. Also, some tools and libraries help Python developers smoothly work even though there’s heavy traffic on the application.

5. Machine Learning Applications

The most popular feature of Python web application development is the application in Machine learning. Additionally, the Python data science ecosystem is highly and uniquely efficient, and hence, it allows you to write algorithms for smart applications and chatbots with dynamic capabilities.  Furthermore, ML capabilities assist FinTech in the department of predictive analysis. On the other hand, chatbots allow banks to supremely and better serve their valuable customers by answering and redirecting customer problems.

See How The World Is Using Python in Finance

After witnessing how Python development is amazingly incredible for web development, let us plunge into how the industry uses it. Also, the language is popular in the FinTech sphere and is known for its robustness. So, here are some areas where Python development knowledge is utilized in the financial arena:
  • Digital Payments And Wallets

Most FinTech companies are using Python for building payment solutions. Furthermore, digital wallets are nowadays becoming comprehensively popular. However, since they require higher security and massive transaction management, people are leaning more towards Python. Also, it offers secured payment gateway integration, API and provides the best scalability to handle digital wallets. Therefore, Django and Python frameworks are the go-to platforms for developers to build a digital wallet.
  • Financial Analytics

Traders and investors require making sense of data for their critical financial decisions. Python development is critical to building analytics tools and allows assessing and evaluating big datasets to derive valuable information and patterns. PyBrain and Scikit are the two most popular libraries that help in creating applications with the help of predictive analytics capabilities. Also, these libraries are helpful for banks in creating financial performance models along with creating algorithms that can envision the behavior of investment instruments, stock, and a lot more. 
  • Banking Software

In today’s time, banks make heavy use of Python-based systems. Because of its flexibility and scalability, it helps banks bring in the benefits of economies of scale. Other than this, banking networks use Python for associated transaction management.
  • Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is the latest advancement in Python development. Therefore, a web development company dealing in cryptocurrency needs predictions and analytics for making wise decisions. With the evolution in a programming language, FinTech products in the segment of cryptocurrency will also emerge.  

Ultimate Python Development Libraries For FinTech Development

Do you know the top advantages of using Python-based web development solutions? Well, you must focus on hiring a developer that uses endless tools and libraries available for FinTech development. These libraries primarily focus on payment gateway APIs, statistical calculations, predictive analytics, and much more.

Here’s A Look At The Best Python Tools And Libraries To Build Financial Applications:

  • NumPy

When you are a Python development company, you must focus on the standard Python library for doing scientific calculations and computing. It also allows developers to closely work with statistical computations and data science.
  • Pandas

Pandas are a must for developers for inculcating capabilities of data manipulation in their applications.
  • Pyalgotrade

For algorithmic trading, Pyalgotrade is a popular Python library and is used for stockbroking and predictive analytics.
  • FinmarketPy

FinmarketPy is the ultimate library for FinTech that involves the analysis of financial markets and back-testing of trading strategies.
  • SciPy

The most important Python library is SciPy for technical and scientific computing that allows AI and MI capabilities for valuable FinTech products. Other popular libraries for Financial products include Pybitcointools, Zipline, Pyrisk, sci-kit-learn,, and many more. 

Conclusion: Why Python Development is Outstanding For FinTech

Considering Python web development, security is the essential factor of any FinTech application. Also, its libraries and the data science ecosystem are ideal for Fintech products. Moreover, a financial app needs the integration of different organizations, systems, and institutes. Thus, Python figures out any financial product’s scope and the viability of a Python development is evident various features for FinTech development such as:
  • Python decreases error possibilities in application development. 
  • It helps in building rapid prototypes.
  • You can easily find API connections that are required for the uninterrupted functioning of the FinTech app.

So, all in all, Python works like magic for all FinTech products. Thus, hire a proficient team of Python developers who are pro-inflexible development.
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