February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


Traditional 5 or multiple pages website is history now. Their limitations and incompetency towards the latest algorithm of the search engine have thrown them out of the main league. Now, the Single Page Website has occupied the space, and are considered as the future for a longer period of time. But, we are here to look at the benefits of the one-page website and find out the logical reasons behind the claim that pageless web design is the future. Let’s have a look into the reasons:


The pageless design website is more interactive. They do not confuse the visitor as they do not direct them to some other page to complete any sort of action. Everything remains on a single page. Thus, visitors are not required to check the corners of the web in search of anything. All they need to do is to keep scrolling down, and they will find the required things on the go. Further, a single-page design website has a set pattern and almost all websites follow that. Thus, now people have already understood that and hence, find it easy to check the website.

Promotion Friendly

You can welcome your visitors with big banners as they land on your website. You can highlight your key deliverables on the banner section. Thus, surprising the user in the first impression. It amazes your audience and compels them to do business with your brand. In addition, you can make as many banners as possible right at the top and keep them in a slide. It will keep rotating and keep pleasing the visitor. The ideal limit to keeping the banners is between 3 and 5.

Higher Conversion Rates

It has been stated in many studies and surveys by agencies that a one-page design website has a higher conversion rate than traditional ones. The question is – how do they do it? The pageless website is designed in a way that it seems like they are telling a story. A well crafted and interesting story about a business. It makes a visitor feels completed and at ease. Thus, in the relax and happy mood, the customers are more like to make a purchase or deal. All the elements in the single page websites are set in such a way that increase the interest of the visitors as they go down. Thus, most of the time the targeted audience do not walk out with a purchase or sealing the deal. This is how they maintain higher conversion rates.


Single-page website design is the smartest way to deliver all the necessary information to the visitors of the website. However, one-page web design may have major benefits and some drawbacks as well. Although nowadays storytelling single page web design is in trend and future of Web Design and Web Development.

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