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As of 2021, the .NET framework is the most preferred framework by 34% of developers from across the world. It has managed to retain the top spot for enterprise application development. Several medium and large-sized companies rely on this framework for desktop and web app development. The .NET web development methodologies have skyrocketed over the last few years. 

The last couple of years has seen extensive growth in the rise of the usage of the .NET framework. Its advantages (dynamic, scalable, and robust) make it highly suitable for web application development.

In this article, we will shed light on some of the reasons medium as well as large firms & companies prefer .NET application development services for web application development.

Why Do Medium And Large-Sized Companies Prefer .NET App Development Over Other Frameworks?

Medium and large-sized companies generally have a lot of traffic on their websites and applications. As a result,  these apps must be able to process hundreds of requests simultaneously and on the go. Besides, the application must consider several other factors like handling efficient communication, data exchange, as well as security. Hence, medium and large-sized companies prefer the .NET framework as it is at par compared to other frameworks. 

The .NET framework effectively fulfills all the needs of medium and large-sized companies. Furthermore, it consists of easy-to-understand code which developers can write in over 40 languages. Besides,  it is also multi-purpose and can convert the traditional code lines into advanced functionalities and features that can create excellent APIs. In addition,  .NET also receives multiple updates, enabling a Dotnet developer to make maximum use of it.

What Do Medium and Large-Sized Companies Use .NET For?

.NET has several uses. It can help developers build the following:

  • Developers can build web applications. A .NET web development company houses skilled developers who can build custom web applications. 
  • Developers can use .NET to develop custom control applications. 
  • Developers have used .NET for the evaluation of design and architecture. 
  • .NET is used for the migration of applications.
  • Several medium and large-sized companies have used .NET for desktop app development. 
  • Rapid application deployment is done using .NET.
  • Several mobile applications are developed using .NET.
  • The .NET framework has accelerated the growth of Machine Learning solutions. 
  • Several existing solutions have also been scaled by using .NET. 
  • Some of the latest technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) have also been incorporated .NET

The cases mentioned above are some of the diverse uses of .NET. Nearly 14% of the top 1.5 million websites use .NET for their websites as well as other app development needs. Hence, It proves why it is the best choice to fulfill the needs of small and medium-sized companies. Quality and scalability have been two crucial factors that .NET has catered.

Types of Apps Using .NET

Types of Applications You can Build With .NET Platform

Big Players That Use .NET

Several companies have been using .NET and have seen tremendously efficient output. These companies include Intel, Cisco, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Citrix, and last Accenture. Several professional services provide .NET servicing for medium and large-sized companies. These services assist companies in building a .NET enterprise from scratch. 

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Why Do Medium And Large-Sized Companies Prefer .NET For Enterprise Application Development?

.NET has the potential to build diverse applications ranging from data-centric applications to dynamic web application solutions. Hire a .NET development company, they can build software of any dimension and add any set of features. Above all, several big players have been using software solutions for their growth, and the results have been colossal, especially the enterprise solutions.

Here are some reasons why .NET has gained its trust for enterprise solution development.

Stable Platform

  • Having been around for almost 20 years does naturally surround the .NET technology with a lot of positivity and trust that it is capable of handling your project. For a businessman investing in software for his own company, just any technology will not do! At least with .NET, you are guaranteed a reliable and above all stable technology with which your software is bound to be reliable.
  • .NET is one of the most stable platforms for enterprise as well as application development. Every release of .NET comes up with a new update with several improved features and benefits.
  • Most companies hire .NET developers that prefer working with stable frameworks like .NET core. These companies have skilled developers who have worked on these frameworks for years. Furthermore, the framework is complete within itself and requires no other integration. 

Object-Oriented Framework

  • .NET simplifies the process of developing an enterprise application. In fact, developing an enterprise application from scratch is often a complex process, but the features and advantages of .NET make it easier to build these solutions. 
  • The .NET framework has an object-oriented nature that allows developers to code quickly. They have the freedom to add functionalities as well as features that they think are suitable. All these data and items are segregated into objects, which further simplifies developing the enterprise.

Cross-Platform Development

  • .NET  also offers cross-platform compatibility, making it the obvious choice for companies to develop customized enterprise and web applications. Besides, developers can use .NET to create Linux, macOS, and Windows applications. 
  • Xamarin helps developers in this cross-platform functionality. Moreover. Mobile applications for both Android as well as iOS can use Xamarin. Another advantage is the code reusability which makes it easy for mobile application development.

Some Additional Pros of .NET

Initially, .NET may not have looked like the best option for software development, but the founding developers and .NET application development company found a way to overturn this decision and get on track with its competitors. So, here are the benefits of using .NET:

Easy and Flexible Maintenance

Firstly, When an issue arises in a program, getting a developer to fix the problem is tough. That is because bugs usually come with the idea that the developer will have to check the entire code from start to finish! 

But with .NET, luckily, this is not the case. Because of the flexibility and tools offered by the .NET development platform, developers are also able to separate the parts of an application, identify and fix the error, and then put the respective application parts back together. 

Visual Studio IDE

Secondly, The presence of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) provides a developer with all the tools required for writing and testing code. Because of the IDE, using .NET will lower the time and cost of developing your project. 

  • This is great news seeing as writing, testing, and debugging code will be easier. Since Visual Studio IDE comes integrated into .NET, the following advantages are observed: 
  • The Studio IDE comes with a collaborative tool that facilitates real-time collaboration on a single codebase and codebase reviews
  • The Visual Studio allows developers to customize the environment to match their requirements, further helping them to efficiently complete a project in time
  • In-built debugging and compiling capabilities exist in the .NET IDE 

Large Community

Not many mature technologies can boast of accumulating and retaining a large community! However,  .NET has also managed to do it, providing you with a lot of validity of proof as to why .NET development should be at the top of your options list. 

But this means more than just having high popularity. It means that you are very likely to get excellent .NET developers to work on your project. Meaning regardless of how complex as well as sophisticated your app is, you will always be able to find an appropriately skilled developer. 

.NET is Microsoft Developed and Supported

Lastly, Being developed by Microsoft is another reason why .NET will catch your attention. Microsoft is an esteemed name and anything they develop is bound to be worth it! However, There is another reason as well. Updates and sound support are reinforcing reasons to choose .NET development for your software. 

Key Characteristics of the .NET framework

Frequently Asked Questions

What is .NET primarily used for?

The .NET framework is generally used for building desktop as well as web application solutions. 

How many languages does .NET support?

The .NET framework also supports over 40 languages, including C and C++.

Is the .NET framework a platform?

.NET is a free and cross-platform application used for developing desktop as well as web applications. 

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Although we have discussed medium and large-sized companies, they have all started from scratch. So, if you are a small start-up on the verge of booming and making it big, you must switch to .NET. It can help your company scale as well as save a lot of time for your developers. 

On the other hand, developers can use .NET to integrate old applications and avoid rewriting codes. It is also an intuitive framework with several benefits. Additionally,  it has led companies to achieve excellent revenues and has helped them scale gradually. Consequently, It continues to evolve with every passing day. Thus,  A .NET development services company like Narola Infotech can assist businesses in building their enterprise as well as web application solutions from scratch.

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