January 23, 2023

Mrunali Gaikwad


Flutter rapidly left an impression across industries with its cross-platform development capabilities. While everyone started assuming React Native would soon disappear, reality seems to function otherwise. We still suggest React Native mobile app development to many clients, and there are valid reasons for the same. And if you were wondering why React Native is still popular, keep reading because we have important information.

The emergence of new technology doesn’t always lead the existing ones to an end. React Native has been one of the most common choices for cross-platform development for the past few years, and its spell isn’t easy to break. Proof?

“According to the 2022 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, 55.98% of developers loved React Native”.

Unlike most frameworks that flourish and later become obsolete, React Native continues to hold onto its popularity and preference among developers and stakeholders. Now, let’s cut the clutter and head straight into the reason for such fame for this cross-platform framework.

As a React Native app development agency, we have used this technology extensively for our projects. There’s not just one but many reasons we love using this framework despite its new alternatives.

Competitive Performance

When it comes to performance, React Native is one of the best frameworks to trust. Facebook introduced React Native in 2011 as a part of its hackathon, and it has been great ever since. It’s one of the most reliable resources for creating cross-platform applications that are faster and feature-rich. This framework comes with native UI components, native environments, and boilerplate codes that contribute to well-performing apps with a native-like feel.

People often confuse React Native with ReactJS and vice versa. In one of our previous blogs we have explained it in detail. To know what is React Native, how it’s different from ReactJS, and whether it’s the best choice for your project,
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One Code For All Platforms

Certainly, you need to reach out to your target audience on all platforms, and that’s why you chose to develop a cross-platform application. React Native’s code-sharing capabilities make it one of the favorite frameworks of developers. It saves both time and money.

“React Native allows developers to share around 90% source code across platforms and reduces development costs up to 50-80%”.

This is great news for businessmen like you since you can save resources and use them for operations other than software development. Not only this, but code sharing also results in better UX. Thus, React Native is a great resource for creating powerful apps.

Use For Existing Applications

React Native’s competence can be leveraged for your existing apps to get better results in the long run. However, for that, you will need to find an experienced React Native app development company in the USA. Integrating React Native with your existing apps would require using Ionic and Cordova-based codes. So, make sure you ask the developer all the necessary questions beforehand. Moreover, the relieving news is that you can make the best of this technology even for older apps.

React native web development service agency
React native web development service agency

The JavaScript Benefit

JavaScript is the actual hero behind React Native’s performance and its growing popularity. Many of the features and functionalities within the React Native framework are derived from JavaScript’s base. Therefore, when you hire developers for a React Native project, make sure they have the best JS skills as well. This gives an edge while using the technology and lets your app leverage its benefits for the best.

Hot Reloading

Hot Reloading makes React Native one of the most productive frameworks. This feature allows developers to introduce new features in the app during runtime with less hassle. During the app development process, there are a lot of updates and edits within the app’s ecosystem. This is often time-consuming as the developers need to wait until these changes are fully loaded.

However, in React Native, any changes are instantly reflected because of its hot reloading feature. This is crucial as developers can easily collaborate on a project, and there is less confusion when a new developer joins the project.

Compatible Features

We already discussed the benefit of code sharing among platforms in the previous points. React Native allows creating applications that feel native on all major platforms (primarily Android, iOS, and Windows). This framework is the best to implement features that are compatible across the platforms. Thus, none of your users and target audience shall miss out on anything helpful your business has to offer them.

Splendid Web Apps

React Native eliminates the need for extensive code lists to create reliable web applications. While mobile apps are taking over the reign rapidly, you cannot ignore the pre-existing websites that require updates to perform at their best on smartphones. React Native can be your go-to solution for creating robust web applications and giving your business a boost with a strong online presence. This is one of the best pieces of advice we have as an experienced React Native web development company in New York.

Strong Community Support

Ever since its inception, React Native has had a growing community. Introduced by Facebook, this framework is trusted and used by many popular brands. There are numerous groups and developer forums where developers can find answers to their queries and solve problems for others. A growing React Native developers’ community makes it an even more reliable resource for app creation.

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We hope it's clear to you why React Native is still a part of future software development prospects. Along with the powerful features and capabilities that React Native brings to the table, it’s important to make sure you hand over your project to a trustable team of developers.

At Narola Infotech, we’ve been serving clients across 50+ countries with flawless applications and 100% satisfaction. We are flourishing rapidly with 350+ experts, including developers, designers, and quality analysts, that leave no stone unturned to create the reality you desire for your business. Your search for the best React Native application development company can probably end with us. You won’t regret trusting us for your project. Feel free to reach out and discuss your project or queries.

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