April 25, 2022


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Technology is evolving at a tremendous pace today. It has made human lives simpler over time because it is constantly evolving. Given how fast-paced human life is, the need for real-time applications is only increasing. Real-time applications have become the next in-thing!

Almost every other app that we use has some real-time features integrated into it. The most common examples of real-time features are instant messages and chat notifications.

Developing apps that have real-time features require NodeJS. It is the best tool for developing real-time applications because speed and scalability are two important factors for real-time apps.

In this article, we will discuss some more factors which prove that NodeJS is indeed the best medium for real-time applications development.

What is a Real-Time Application?

Why Use NodeJS for Real-Time App Development?

NodeJS extends its support to developers by being their first choice for real-time app development. Thanks to its set of features that make it exceptional and the obvious choice. Most importantly, it supports two major frameworks that pave the way for seamless and hassle-free real-time app development. A professional NodeJS development company prefers using this technology for building real-time apps for their clients.

Let us dig deeper into the benefits NodeJS puts across the table for software companies looking to build real-time applications.

Benefits of Using NodeJS for Real-Time App Development

Let us explore some of the top benefits of NodeJS that make it the best choice for real-time application development. NodeJS development services are widely preferred for the following features that they offer:

  • NodeJS Has an Event-Driven Server

IT supports response-based servers that are dedicated to event-based, non-blocking functionality of real-time applications. These real-time applications receive requests from several users simultaneously. Due to these requests in real-time, the applications can get blocked. Hence, NodeJS comes to the rescue.

  • Excellent Data Syncing

NodeJS creates a passage between the client and server for seamless data transmission. Developers can effectively use the I/O functionality that NodeJS supports.

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  • Easy Shareability

NodeJS supports microservice client and server architecture. This architecture enables seamless code sharing across multiple projects, thus saving time and increasing productivity and efficiency.

  • Scalability

One of the several reasons why NodeJS is renowned and developers’ choice is because it offers scalability. It is based on JavaScript and a single-threaded model. It has the excellent capability of managing client scalability requests.

  • Fast-Paced Methodology

NodeJS has the ability to compile javascript into your own native machine code, thus making it run seemingly fast. It is loaded with V8 engines that Google powers. It can run and also speed up any given framework. Hire NodeJS Developers from enterprises so that you can build up a flexible network application.

  • Eliminated Complexities While Creating Real-Time Applications

NodeJS has proven to be a boon for developers who have been wanting to figure out a way that helps them develop real-time apps with reduced complexities. It offers a much more simplified solution for real-time apps such as messengers and gaming applications.

  • Data Streaming

NodeJS can handle I/O processing, allowing users to better transcode media files in real-time. 

  • Proxy-Server

With as less as 20 lines of code, real-time applications will be efficient enough to stream data from multiple sources. This feature is helpful when your real-time application requires the availability of multiple administrative accounts.

examples of how efficient NodeJS is when it comes to handling multiple requests in real-time.

What Real-Time Features Does NodeJS Bring to the Table?

Real-time applications give users an excellent UX, making them feel that the experiences are happening in real-time. NodeJS facilitates some of the best real-time experiences that real-time applications give their customers. Some instances of these features include:

  1. VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol
  2. Instant chats and messages
  3. eCommerce Transactions
  4. Video calling
  5. Multi-mode and multi-player gaming. 
  6. Community Storage Solutions
  7. Node Package Manager

And more.

Enterprises that offer NodeJS web development services provide customized solutions for real-time applications. Several software companies hire developers from these agencies and utilize their expertise for their requirements.

Role Of NodeJS in Real-Time Applications

As mentioned, speed and scalability are two essentials for any real-time application. And given the fact that NodeJS is independent, event-driven, and offers non-blockage of I/O functionalities, it is the best choice for real-time app development. Social media giants, stock exchange software forums, and several other biggies benefit from NodeJS. 

Multiple user collaborations and real-time interactions are some features & functionalities that developers can integrate into their NodeJS module.

Suitability of NodeJS for Real-Time App Development

NodeJS works on two relevant frameworks when it comes to real-time app development. These two frameworks are Express.JS and Feather.JS.


Feather.JS offers an excellent Socket.IO integration that acts as a vast library. It creates a two-way real-time passage between the client and the server. The client has a client-side library, and Node makes way for a server-side library.

Socket.IO is event-driven, and both the client and server-side libraries have the same API. Socket.IO also offers instant messaging, document sharing, and collaboration over real-time app development.


Express.JS offers excellent organization and routing of real-time applications. It can provide several templating solutions and effortlessly deal with them. Express.JS adds to the efficiency of functionalities that Node provides. It also offers better code organization.

Scenarios Where NodeJS Real-Time Applications Are Used

In Conclusion

NodeJS app development offers excellent features and abundant support for real-time applications. It benefits developers because it provides scalability, code sharing, and code reusability and supports two major frameworks - FeatherJS and ExpressJS. 

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