December 5, 2022

Ifrah Khan


Assume you've hired the best IT firm in the industry to create an application. And once completed, you are planning to use your promotional strategies to attract a target audience.

But does this mean you can stop worrying about the application's functionality?

  • What about managerial shortcomings and technical glitches?
  • How do you deal with them?
  • How do you maintain complex software applications? 
App Update Frequency Chart

With information technology driving the world today, some extra care is always required, which naturally puts tremendous pressure on software maintenance and support.

According to a Deloitte report, 60% of outsourcers prefer to hire application maintenance and support services.

Technology keeps evolving, and to keep up with industry trends, it is important to look into timely updates and maintenance of your apps because you have to keep up with customers’ needs. The ultimate goal is to satisfy them and enhance their experience when using your app, resulting in improved retention.

Therefore, ensuring timely application maintenance and support of your app will keep your business running. 

In this article, we shall discuss

The three Critical W's for App Support and Maintenance

1. What is Mobile App Support and Maintenance?- Is it Worth it?
2. Why Must Businesses Invest in Support And Maintenance Services for Apps?
3. Who Shall Ensure Timely Updates and Maintenance of Your Apps?
4. Critical Benefits Of Mobile App Maintenance
5. How Can We Help in App Support And Maintenance?

Mobile App Support and Maintenance- Is it Worth it?

If you want your apps to continue functioning properly, you must ensure that there are regular and timely updates so that your app is monitored, and refined to retain business and growth.

“Unlike popular belief, application maintenance is not always about fixing bugs.”

Fixing bugs is only one of the many important aspects of updating and maintaining an app. Once you develop an app, it is a continuous cycle where the following are covered:

  • Fixing bugs
  • Adding new and latest features
  • Optimizing the app as per user convenience
  • Releasing newer versions and updates of the app
Mobile Application Maintenance Services

In other words, app maintenance and development has a major role in the following:

  1. Correction: It refers to working out ways to troubleshoot issues that affect user experience. 
  2. Adaptation: It refers to ensuring the software is updated to adapt to newer trends in the industry. 
  3. Perfection: It refers to making sure that the app updates are such that facilitates long-term gains. 
  4. Prevention: It refers to carrying out updation and mobile application maintenance services that help take preventive measures to ensure there are no glitches that appear in the future. 

Hence, it is extremely essential that your mobile app gets updated for continued performance and efficiency. 

Why Must Businesses Invest in Support And Maintenance Services for Apps?

While it is extremely easy to outsource app development to IT companies, not all of them provide support post-implementation. It may happen that you have an excellent app, but what if with time it comes up with technical glitches that give your customers a bad experience? An incident like this can affect your reputation and result in revenue loss as well. 

There are several companies that provide application maintenance and support services that play a vital role in the growth of your business. 

Who Shall Ensure Timely Updates and Maintenance of Your Apps?

App development and maintenance usually go hand-in-hand. The company that has helped you develop your app will generally also offer a maintenance and update contract. However, in some cases, the company only offers app development services. In such cases, it is wise to outsource the maintenance and update requirements to a company that provides application support and maintenance services like Narola Infotech.

Irrespective of the purpose that your app serves, your end goal is customer satisfaction and increased sales, boosting app retention and revenue. For this, it is necessary that you keep a close eye on the software application support and maintenance services of your app/website. 

In order to understand how regular maintenance and updates contribute to the app’s survival and growth, below is a list of some of the key benefits that ensure smooth functioning and enhanced app performance.

Critical Benefits Of Mobile App Maintenance

1. Bug Fixation

As discussed earlier, bug fixation is an important aspect of application support & maintenance services but not the only one. But it definitely tops the list of benefits. As simple as it is, you need to get rid of technical glitches and errors for the smooth functioning of your apps.

Bugs can crop up anywhere. Be it the hardware, software, or operating system itself. An IT  support and maintenance expert can be outsourced if your app development company is not offering you maintenance and updates support. The expert shall look into finding errors and fixing them while ensuring that the existing software is not disturbed. 

2. Enhanced Capability

Enhanced capability comes when you ensure that your app is performing up to date and coping with all the modern trends in the industry. You have to keep making changes in the way your app functions from time to time.

You will have to look into all the factors of the app that contribute to its workflow, which includes hardware upgrades, enhanced work patterns, enhanced software platforms, and more efficient compilers. 

3. Getting Rid of Outdated Features and Functionalities

Outdated functionalities and features are of no use and only occupy space, thus contributing to larger app sizes. It is wise to get rid of them during regular version releases and updates. 

Ensuring regular maintenance and updates of the app will help you in eradicating these surplus elements from the root. App management will help you come up with new features that will help you keep up with modern app development trends boost your customer retention rate as a result.

4. Improvised Performance

Software maintenance and upgrades look into the data and coding implicated within the app. If any re-engineering and re-modeling are required, it will be evident during software maintenance and upgrades. This evidence of re-engineering and re-modeling is essential because they trigger you to look into aspects of your app that may lead to hacking and other vulnerable and harmful activities. 

5. App Scaling and Security

When you ensure timely maintenance and updates, you keep your app from being vulnerable to newer hacking threats and simultaneously also make it scalable. When your app achieves scalability, it naturally accommodates a larger workload and matches performance levels that are at par. 

6. Economical 

If you come up with an app that you can regularly service, maintain, and upgrade, it eliminates your problem of constantly developing or buying new apps every time the existing one crashes. Moreover, the purchase and development costs of newer apps are not economical. Instead, what is economical is hiring or outsourcing application support services for your maintenance and upgradation needs. 

7. Customer Satisfaction

The end goal of any business is customer satisfaction because the customer is king. If your customer is satisfied, there is a lot of word-of-mouth as well, which increases your sales and boosts your revenues. Also, your online presence becomes more firm and established. Thus, constant, and regular updates and maintenance of your app can easily help you attain this. 

Tip from Experts 

"Ignoring application maintenance can cause havoc for your business and will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the  app installation rate." So, in order to stay afloat in this fierce business environment, make sure your app receives adequate support.

How Can We Help in App Support And Maintenance?

Narola Infotech is the best in the industry when it comes to providing mobile app maintenance services for your businesses. We are the pioneers as we have a bench of industry experts to cater to your needs.

Here is what makes us stand out from our peers:

1. We respond to emergencies

Software applications can go down with logical errors at any given time unexpectedly. It sometimes occurs when the app crashes. It can cause loss of lots of customers, sales, and ultimately, revenue.

You need somebody that you can rely on, during these times of emergencies. 

2. We help fix errors at the go

We have experts who have devoted their lives to fixing bugs! Well, jokes apart, our bench of experts has dealt with every kind of bug and knows just the right way to tackle them. Bugs occur every now and then, needless to say, we shall take care of that for you.

3. We continue to offer our services for as long as you want (and the contract states, of course)

Our team of experts are there for you 24*7 and will help you with all the answers you need for your question. We also provide solutions on the go and can also arrange for consultations with our experts. 

4. We provide regular documentation updates

Our team of app developers compiles documentation updates from time to time and covers everything from minor to major. 

5. We respond to client’s requests for environmental changes

Unlike most of our peers, we respond to some of the difficult but challenging client requests such as changes in the working environment, say from Windows NT to Windows XP and so on. There are multiple tests involved in the process which not many companies are capable of taking up. But Narola shall do it for you. 

Application Maintenance and Support Services


Bottom line, obtaining brand-new clients for your app is a lot harder than keeping the current ones.

Needless to say, with Narola infotech, your mobile app is in safe and reliable hands. To sum it up, we offer application support & maintenance services for businesses and also help them scale. Besides, we also offer app development services. We are a wholesome package with customized options available as per client requirements. 

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