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It is safe to say that the grocery delivery business has boomed in the last two years. The slowed economy and shutting down of businesses have been common scenarios during the pandemic. However, online grocery delivery apps did not face much wrath in a similar situation.

Several software solutions provide a readymade online grocery delivery app system to make it easier. You have to pay a subscription to use the readymade online delivery application.  The subscription includes all app features, a web-admin dashboard, as well as access to the complete application.

Well, if you are planning to develop a grocery delivery app for your grocery business, consider a readymade grocery solution. It is one of the most reliable and profitable options present in the market. Besides,  Let’s dig in detail Why Invest in Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App System?

What is a Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App System?

Thanks to technological advancements, online grocery apps have become irreplaceable in today’s era. Groceries are just a click away. As a result, Consumers have begun relying more on online delivery than in-store purchases. However, to make developers' lives less complicated, readymade solutions like Instacart clone development are gaining popularity. 

As the name suggests, a readymade online grocery delivery app system is a ready-to-use grocery delivery business solution. Furthermore, a ready-to-use solution comes as a boon to the app development team. It saves their time, effort, and energy. They do not have to come up with an app from scratch. 

Another important fact is that a readymade solution developed by an experienced set of developers at Narola Infotech can never let you down. It may take minute modifications, but otherwise, you can trust us for your Instacart-like app development.

Why do I Need a Readymade Grocery App for my Business?

As a renowned Instacart clone app development company, we interact with various clients who own grocery stores or outlets. In fact, some of their questions astound us during the scheduled discussion call, which states their innocence in the digitalization field. 

Often clients ask us that-

  • Why do I need an app for grocery stores that I own? 
  • My grocery store has outstanding sales. Do you think going digital will help me expand my business? 
  • Will my regular client visit other grocery stores if I develop a grocery delivery app for my outlet?
  • Will the Instacart clone development affect my offline business?
  • Do famous grocery store owners invest in Instacart clone development?
  • I am pretty happy with the ongoing sales. Why should I connect with any Instacart clone app development company?

Grocery store owners, we need your attention here because we are going to reveal the top 4 reasons that justify how your offline grocery store needs a readymade grocery delivery app for maximizing business or sales.

Benefits of Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App

The readymade online grocery delivery app is promising and comes with many advantages. To begin with, here are a few advantages of readymade grocery delivery app solutions

They are the Ultimate Choice for all Grocers

It doesn’t matter if you are a pro grocer or a newbie, but readymade online grocery applications are suitable for all of you. Also, you will not be affected even by an economic crisis with Instacart clone app development.

Less Initial Investments

The ready-made solution of the online grocery delivery app shows excellent potential, and its need is expected to surge in the coming future. Looking at what seems to be the next trend in online e-commerce platforms, investing in readymade grocery delivery solutions is an excellent as well as a wise decision. 

Currently, readymade solutions are inexpensive. The initial investment is less, however, the results that such readymade grocery delivery apps yield is exceptionally high. Furthermore, At Narola Infotech, we deliver the best readymade online grocery apps to our clients at affordable rates.

Multi-Usage Solution

When you adopt a readymade online grocery delivery app, you will be given access to all its features. So, you do not miss out on any features, the chances of which are high if you develop an app from scratch. For example, the categories drop-down in a readymade solution may consist of several items you may have otherwise missed out on. 

Also, if you look at this from a customer’s point of view, they get access to several products they can purchase. Consequently, your app would be like an all-in-one store that delivers orders to the doorsteps. Ultimately, your grocery delivery business will generate high revenues with large profits as owners. 

Excellent Customer Experience

Several businesses design frameworks based on customer satisfaction. Thus, several grocery apps offer luxury to their users, enhancing their experience. The following are some of the benefits:

benefits of grocery delivery app

Features That You Must Include in your Readymade Online Grocery App

Since we have already discussed how vital customer satisfaction is, here are some additional pointers that will help in enhancing it. Hence, Consider the following points that are reliable and the need of the hour if you want profits.

Customer App

The customer app allows customers to take a look and feel of your readymade online grocery delivery app. Another important thing, it must include the following features:

  • Safe and reliable payment gateways
  • Real-time grocery delivery
  • Social media login
  • Ease in adding items to the grocery app
  • Live order tracking
  • Delivery status
  • Adding personal details like name and address
  • Online support feature
  • Multiple language support
  • Multiple wallet feature
  • Easy cancellation of orders
  • Easy access to the app 
  • At last, Improvised privacy policy

Delivery Agent App

The online grocery delivery app is dependent on the delivery agent app. It is the delivery agent who will bring your order to your doorstep. Hence, coordination between the two apps mentioned above plays an important role here. So, here are some features that your delivery agent’s application must have:

  • Delivery status
  • Live to track order
  • Delivery agent’s details like name, vaccination status, etc. 
  • Order history
  • Job history
  • Route tracking
  • In-app navigation
  • Expected time of delivery
  • Accept or reject orders
  • Easy chat or call with customers
  • Instant delivery notifications
  • Lastly, Efficient location tracking

Admin App

The admin app keeps a tab on both the other app versions - the delivery agent app and the customer app. Besides that, the store owner can also monitor other situations. Here are some must-include features of the admin app:

  • Understanding the situation and status of all live orders
  • Tracing the acceptance as well as rejection rate of orders.
  • Adding new categories
  • Monitoring if customers are adding new items to their baskets or cart
  • Tracking the order’s time
  • Getting a visual of the regular delivery route
  • Identifying the delivery agent that is the closest to the location
  • Lastly, Tracking all the other relevant orders

Admin Dashboard

Lastly, the admin dashboard keeps track of the progress of the grocery delivery business in real-time. Here are some more features that you must include for an efficient admin dashboard:

  • A track of orders accepted and rejected
  • A track of all existing customers
  • Managing drivers and delivery agents
  • Tracking earnings
  • Tracking expenditures
  • Manage sales report
  • Easy management of categories
  • Track of products in store
  • Track of products out of stock
  • Live chat with customers
  • View and manage all orders in real-time
  • Lastly, Keep a tab on coupons and offers
Hire Grocery Delivery App Developer

What Does A Readymade Online Grocery Delivery App Bring To You?

Finally! After discussing the significant advantages of this system in detail. Here are some additional features that will gain importance in the near future:

  1. Easy order management
  2. Easy stock as well as inventory management
  3. Catalyzed customer convenience
  4. The personalized as well as an enhanced shopping experience

Hence, by contacting a reliable Grocery Delivery app development company, you will be able to integrate these amazing features into your grocery app.

Reasons To Choose Our Readymade Grocery App Solution


Lastly, Readymade online grocery delivery apps are the next big thing in the industry. It has already started attracting a broad customer base. Additionally, it's promising and has delivered results to all those that tried and experimented with it. So, reach out to Narola Infotech for your readymade online delivery app solutions.

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