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We keep talking about food delivery app development and how it can take your restaurant business to new levels. Or how an online platform for food delivery can be a great way to enter the industry and make an impactful position. However, there are a few challenges you need to be prepared for. 

Even with a robust food delivery app, efficient, on-time food delivery itself is a challenge in the real world. However, it’s not something that can’t get easier with some thoughtful app features and prevailing tech. 

Here, we would discuss how route optimization can help you improve online food delivery services. But before you doubt your decisions regarding food delivery apps, you should lay your eyes on some facts and their benefits.

Food delivery Industry

Now, let’s dig deeper into route optimization and how it supports food delivery apps. 

Benefits of Route Optimization for Your Food Delivery App

As said earlier, with online food delivery services, quick and efficient food delivery is one of the major challenges. Therefore, when you build a food delivery app, it’s important to pay attention to route optimization.  

Route Optimization

Here are some benefits of integrating route optimization features into your food delivery app solution.  

Increase the Number of Daily Orders

Route optimization saves a lot of travel time. This means you can deliver more orders within the same duration. Thus, it not only saves resources but also helps in increasing revenues by enhancing order completion capability. 

You can find the most suitable route to send food deliveries to customers. When there are better alternatives to crowded roads, the delivery person can reach their destination on or before time. Certainly this is something your customers will appreciate. 

Since the distance reduces, the same delivery person can make more deliveries, expediting the number of order requests.

Cut Delivery Costs

With route optimization, you will be able to cut down the daily distance traveled by the delivery person. Subsequently, the vehicles will require less fuel and maintenance. Having well-planned routes in your hand makes deliveries a lot more easy and quick. 

In fact, you can save up to 20% of costs when you use a route planner along with your food delivery app. However, before you plan routes, make sure to consider prevailing, realistic constraints. It will help in getting better overall results and ensure that your plans actually work. 

Therefore, when you hire food delivery app developer, ask them if they can help you integrate such features with the app. It’s something you will not regret. 

Reduce the Number of Vehicles Required

Route optimization helps a lot in meeting delivery deadlines. It helps in making most deliveries on time. With well-planned maps, it becomes possible to handle multiple deliveries on the same routes. As a result, you will require fewer delivery vehicles. 

Route optimization features are mostly based on smart planning modules. When used tactfully, these features can help you save up to 50% of costs (considering how you manage delivery deadlines). 

Save Hours of Planning

Planning for deliveries in different parts of a city takes a long time. We are sure you don’t have that much with you. Using route planner apps to recognize the best delivery routes can make things a little less time-consuming. 

With the advanced route tracking features, the delegated person can manage on-time delivery despite unexpected events or situations. You can save enough time from scheduling deliveries and use it to improve the customer experience. With customized food delivery app development, you can leverage the best of this feature. 

Reduce the Carbon Footprint

When the distance and vehicles involved for two orders reduce, there is a subsequent decrease in the carbon footprint. Now, if you are questioning how carbon footprint concerns you or your business - it can have a great impact.  

Environment friendliness is something all brands and industries should be focused on (at least to some extent). When you present these efforts to visitors or users on your app, it helps in creating a positive brand image. We can say it's a complementary advantage to your business that will come simply through route optimization.  

Here’s a list of some major features that will come along when you integrate a route planner with your food delivery app. 

  • Unlimited routes and stops planning 
  • In-app delivery spreadsheets 
  • Track delivery progress 
  • Automate weekly reports for sales insights 
  • Save frequently used routes and addresses 
Benefits of a Food Delivery App

Here’s a list of some of the most popular route planner apps that you can integrate with your food delivery app for better results. 

Google Maps

It’s that one application that every one of us must have used at least once to find/reach our destination. 


  • Easy to download 
  • Free to use 
  • Monitors real-time traffic 
  • Accurate ETAs 
  • Offers turn by turn navigation 


It’s one of the best apps to let you find the most optimum route to your destination. 


  • Available on the website 
  • Up to 20 addresses are free
  • You can use upto 100 addresses with the paid version 


Onfleet works great as a route planner for both small and big businesses. 


  • Effective route optimization 
  • Customize settings for each delivery 
  • Real-time tracking 
  • Specific time window service duration  

Multi-Stop Route Planner

This one lets you curate multiple stops and find a route with the least traffic. 


  • Ensure accurate, on-time delivery with custom stop curating 
  • Save routes in sync with team members 
  • Offers various updates about stops and routes to the users 
  • Supports XLS, PDF, and CSV file generation for smart reporting  


It’s one of the most widely used apps for route planning. It updates the user regarding traffic, police, and all other barriers that may be on the delivery route. 


  • Precisely informs about any events on the delivery routes (traffic, police, accidents, etc). 
  • Lets you know about the fuel stations on the way 
  • Can be connected directly to car display  

Summing Up

Food delivery app development is a lucrative approach to expanding your restaurant business recently. However, you can only be successful when you’re prepared for all challenges with the most appropriate solutions. 

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