January 27, 2021


Leena Sanap


The fierce competition and shorter product development cycles make flexibility and agility in the delivery of products and services inevitable. With increasing globalization and advancement in IT, more and more organizations are relying on offshore project teams to reduce their operating costs, support knowledge sharing and expand business hours. Outsourcing non-core software development activities to a dedicated offshore team is the emerging trend in IT scenarios.

Some major companies who used offshore teams (at least to create their first version)


Voice over IP service and software application


Social news website

Best-in-class IT talent focused on business success

The offshore project team consists of carefully selected best-in-class developers and subject matter experts to meet the IT and business requirements. Competent and passionate, these expert IT professionals work as a virtual extension of the in-house development team. They are completely focused on the business success of their client and fully understand the need for a faster turnaround to manage complex tasks. These skilled resources have full-time access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, technology, and logistics at their offshore development center. Quick delivery of quality solutions with 100% accountability dictates all their interactions with clients.

Expertise and knowledge of the offshore team

The offshore team model also brings the technical expertise of the vendor to the table. The offshore developers have a steep learning curve which helps to shorten the product development cycle and ensures faster response time. It is also a good value proposition for the start-ups which have a challenge in finding the right talent.

Keep the spotlight on core activities

Another major benefit is that the companies can focus their efforts on the core business activities to achieve better profits and efficiency. At the same time, the non-core critical business processes still continue to contribute to the bottom line.

Ownership of the offshore team

Though this team of developers sits at a remote location, they are fully under the command and control of the client. The offshore vendor plays a supervisory role on behalf of the client to ensure an on-track performance and desired productivity. The advancement in synchronous and asynchronous communication technology tools enables the offshore team members to be available for client calls 24*7.

Hire a web developer from Narola InfoTech; is one such software outsourcing business solution. Available at a reasonable cost, it is a rewarding long-term strategic proposition that ensures business continuity along with improved business processes. Whether it is to improve business processes, develop new products, the addition of new features to existing products or handle the testing phase, ‘Hire a Developer’ is the one-stop solution for all your needs. It is the best way to gain a competitive advantage over your peers in the market.

Highlights of Dedicated Offshore Team

  • Fixed monthly cost with no extra or hidden charges
  • Access to a vast pool of competent and skilled talent
  • Reduced operational costs
  • 100% command and control over the team and process
  • Swift scale-up of operations, at your discretion
  • Choose shift timings to suit your time zone requirements
  • Availability of diversified modes of communication
  • Expert project management practices
  • Regular updates and progress reports

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