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When a new business – in most cases, a startup – plans to launch an MVP, it wants to do it with as little work as possible and at a lower cost but it might be difficult to pick the proper technology for a startup's minimal viable product (MVP). If you're searching for an efficient, easy-to-understand language to create your app, you should definitely consider Ruby. Ruby has its own framework called Ruby on Rails. This framework's meteoric ascent is the consequence of a surge of demand from entrepreneurs looking to streamline and expedite their product development processes.

Ruby on Rails development satisfies both the criteria of being efficient and cost-effective, making it an excellent choice for businesses that are just getting started with their project ideas. Such businesses do not want to waste their limited finances and human/time resources on a variety of requirements that will undoubtedly arise in the long run.

Let's have a look at some of Ruby on Rails' features that are attracting the attention of businesses seeking a better way for their MVP development.

Reasons to Choose Ruby on Rails for MVP Development


Ruby's core principles focus on the comfort and efficiency of every RoR developer, which allows for quick app creation. Although Ruby isn't the fastest language available, this isn't a problem for an MVP that has to enter the market rapidly, with the bare minimum of features, and is unlikely to attract hundreds of customers overnight.

If the need arises, Ruby is still fast enough to power most web apps. ROR apps can also be scaled up in many ways. Shopify and GitHub are two examples of services with a large user base that continue to utilize Rails. Finally, performance and scalability are determined by the overall architecture of the project, not just the backend language and framework.


There can be no compromise on the security of your app in 2021. Users and companies are more aware than ever before of the dangers of data breaches, which may result in substantial financial, customer, and reputational loss. Every RoR development company will keep this in mind and use the built-in capabilities of Ruby, like XSS, CSRF, and SQL Injection, for dealing with security concerns.

Since its launch in 2004, Ruby on Rails has been adopted by major organizations such as Basecamp, GitHub, Shopify, Airbnb, and Hulu, all of which have contributed to the development of the framework's default security measures.

The community element of Ruby on Rails development means that errors are rapidly identified and fixed, and you have access to a global pool of skilled developers for any queries or difficulties you may have.


A gem is a software package that contains a Ruby library or application. This is used to enhance or improve the functioning of Ruby web development. Moreover, several Gems provide a command line that automates certain operations and processes, making the developer's job easier.

Iterative Development

Ruby on Rails development services focuses on agile software development that facilitates launching an MVP. You start with a workable version of your app and then enhance it by changing, adding, or removing modules to meet your users' demands. It's beneficial to be aware of your users’ needs as they'll find issues and ask for things you didn't think of while you were developing the app. RoR is a firm believer in iterative development and RubyGems is designed to accomplish just that.

Huge Community

The Ruby on Rails development community is huge and is growing by the day. It is fast becoming a popular language among developers all over the world. This is good news for startup owners and businesses who want to launch their MVP. Every day, this massive community develops new gems, or free libraries, providing ready-to-use answers to common issues.

There is a popular belief in the Rails community that if there is an issue, there probably is a gem for that.

Speed and Efficient Development

Ruby development has a large ecosystem and a large number of gems, which makes it superior to other technologies. Since developers don't have to build a lot of code, an MVP can be released quickly to the market. According to research, developers spend 30-40% less time programming an application in ROR than in other frameworks, making this technology very popular among businesses.


Ruby on Rails has been around for almost 15 years. New security updates are released on a regular basis, and a set of best practices and established methods have emerged over time, giving it stability. As a result, you can rest assured that your codebase is constructed on solid ground.

Launching an MVP will save you time and money while greatly improving the odds of your project's success. It also saves resources for stages and iterations that might happen if a large number of people like your product.

Consider RoR as one of your alternatives if you want to quickly develop the MVP for your project. Schedule a consultation with Narola Infotech Ruby on rails development company and we can discuss the best suitable approach for your project.

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