January 20, 2021


Leena Sanap


Why do Android Apps Crash?

There are millions of onshore and offshore android apps developed in India and overseas. Some of their android apps crash constantly. The application owners feel bad about that. However, they can do nothing about it. This is because they are not much technical to understand the issue and fix it. They look for the developers to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, most of the time the programmers ask them for a lump sum amount to complete the work. The business person is left with no option other than to pay what they ask for. Thus, we are here to make the business person understand the common reason responsible for application crash

Error in Coding

When a developer creates the application there are chances of errors. However, they may not be visible in the testing part but they occur later. Many flaws in the application are visible when it goes live and people start to interact with it. This kind of error happens due to no real-time application testing. Programmers can resolve this with ease. Thus, if such is an error, you do not need to pay a high amount to them.

System Error

What to do if in-house app usage is not going well. What should you do if the app crashes? First, you need to check the configuration of your system. If the same is not as per the requirement of the app, then you need to upgrade your system, the app has no issue in such case.

Server Error

There are times when the application crashed because of server issues. There can be multiple server errors, like – higher load on the server, the issue in receiving & sending the data, technical server errors, etc. If this is the problem, then you need to talk to the server provider about it.

Version Error

There are higher chances of the application gets crashed due to this. If app development is an upgraded version and if the user is using in some older version. Thus, you need to clearly mention in the app description. You should state that this app is for XYZ or an upgraded version.

Common Cause

There is no doubt that Android is one of the most successful mobile operating systems. However, it is not as smart and brilliant as IOS application development It has its own limitations that is why the android apps crash. Thus, sometimes they crash due to the nature of the android. It does not work well with the technology your application is based on. This results in a frequent application crash. Thus, it is advisable to work on known and popular technology.

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