August 17, 2022

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According to a Stack Overflow survey conducted in 2021, one in four developers wants to learn React. There are 2 million websites worldwide that employ the technology, including popular brands like Netflix. As you might have guessed, React is becoming highly favored amongst clients and developers alike. Let us understand when we should hire the services of a ReactJS development company and where they can be used.

What is React?

React is a free and open-source JavaScript toolkit that offers a wealth of tools for creating user interfaces for websites and mobile apps. Facebook launched React in 2011 to facilitate the creation of user interfaces using a component-centric methodology.

React uses a virtual DOM. Therefore, every time a user interacts with a website, it does not always have to refresh every element on that page. This gives React the advantage for dynamic online presence that experience a performance hit with the traditional DOM refresh.

React development has grown to include mobile development. React Native, a framework designed for front-end development on iOS, Android, and UWP, was launched by Facebook in 2015. In addition, react Fiber, a new algorithm from Facebook improved React's library algorithm in 2017.

Top Benefits Of Using React

Reasons We Love React For Web Development

1. Excellent Performance

By using virtual DOM and server-side rendering, ReactJS ensures a minimal number of steps needed for code modifications. As a result, this approach speeds up the performance of resource-intensive applications.

2. Improved User Interfaces

Netflix is an excellent example of a company that leverages React to create rich user interfaces that increase user engagement. Thanks to the React front-end framework, users can view previews from the main feed and read more details as needed. Response time and interaction are key components of rich user interfaces.

UI developers can write cleaner, leaner scripts because rendering is largely automated. Developers do not have to worry about debugging complex codes, so they can concentrate on creating rich user interfaces. As a result, thanks to ReactJS development services, users enjoy using the website.

3. Great Community Support

You should use React because it has a robust community.  If you cannot receive the assistance you need, learning how to use a new development tool might be difficult. Fortunately, this is not the case with React. It has a huge number of communities in addition to being the favored tool by leading businesses. You may see that there are at least 1,534 contributors by visiting its GitHub page. Access to the React front-end framework's documentation is provided as well.

4. Create Customized Components

Companies often experiment with new web UI features as they attempt to set themselves apart from rivals. Custom components with distinctive looks, behavior, or both are important. Building customized components and making sure they function flawlessly in browsers is difficult. At the very least, not without React.

The JSX extension for React makes it simple for programmers to change how a component acts on the user interface. All kinds of browsers may use JSX, which supports HTML script. It allows the flexibility to create unique components that suit their creative vision.

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When To Use React?

React can reduce the time, work, and money required for front-end development when used properly. 

  • Use React if you are developing a front-end user interface that necessitates a lot of user interaction. Each of those interactive components must be coded individually, and they connect time to the underlying business logic. You only need to concentrate on the view model of the interface because React will take care of the lower-level algorithm.
  • Do visitors to your website complain about unresponsive pages and frequent lags? If so, it means there are more reloads than the DOM can handle. React's virtual DOM will come in helpful for maintaining the performance of the website and keeping your visitors pleased.
  • Additionally, if your current code base is out of control, you should switch to React. Writing hundreds of lines of code for a user interface takes discipline. If not, it will not be long before the codebase becomes too complex to perform basic troubleshooting.
  • You should think about using React because it is simpler to hire talent, even if it is not UI-related. Due to React's popularity, many developers now include it in their skill sets. If you seek to hire developers who can provide custom ReactJS development services, then you should contact us with your requirements. We can definitely assist you in creating the best interfaces for your websites and mobile applications. 
Where to Use React?

While there are many benefits to why you should hire ReactJS developers for your project, there is also a proper time to use it. Let us understand when it is appropriate to use React for your projects:

1. Social Media Websites

Social media websites are a typical application of React websites that plays host to thousands of visitors accessing the platform simultaneously. Asynchronous I/O and real-time data processing are supported by React-based apps and websites, which rely on WebSockets to link the client and server.

  • With Server-side rendering, React boosts social sharing and SEO.
  • React and WebSockets simplifies the processing of real-time data for social networks.

2. eCommerce Applications

Clients can reduce time-to-market for their digital stores by adhering to the concepts of component reuse and modularity. React also enables effective component state management and allows you to render various outputs.

  • React's state management offers tremendous performance advantages for e-commerce.
  • Multiple sectors may be served by single-page apps made with React.

3. Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Eventually, mobile customers using iOS or Android will need to be the focus of any web-based online business. React excels in this area since it enables developers to create cross-platform applications by using React Native's previously employed framework. So instead of creating an entirely new app, it is possible to create native apps by reusing the same UI components.

4. Data Visualization

React-based interactive dashboards enable the ability to create reusable components without additional setup. Additionally, there are no delays in updating any of the data in the charts. Other advantages of React web development for data visualization include the usage of various dashboard sections on both the client side and the server side.

  • Reusability of components jump-starts efficient development.
  • The UI refreshes rapidly and effectively thanks to virtual DOM.
  • Web pages render quickly with isomorphic JavaScript.
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Why Use React?

We can create clear user UI for data visualizations, web and mobile applications, SaaS apps, high-load systems, education portals, CRM, and ERP software solutions more quickly, thanks to React.

This powerful front-end development tool is responsible for the success of a number of cases. This is why we recommend you hire us as your ReactJS development company:

  • React is progressive: It enables us to adapt to ongoing changes in the web development industry.
  • It also helps us to develop software with less effort.
  • React is scalable: This enables us to create easily expandable front-ends for web apps.
  • React code is reusable: The same code base can be used for a variety of software solutions, which streamlines testing and QA workflows.


In this article, we also examined React's fundamental features and essence as a useful front-end development tool. Every ReactJS development company adores the technology because of its many benefits. We can help if you need some guidance or have questions related to a new project.

Get in touch with us; we will assist you with the best custom ReactJS development services!

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