January 19, 2022


Rohit Rawat


When and Why To Use React Development

One of the major challenges for companies today is choosing the ideal front-end technology for their web applications. Today, there is a plethora of technologies for the front-end. Each one is geared to satisfy a certain set of requirements. One such technology is ReactJS. Almost every ReactJS development company uses it for its front-end development requirements.

In this article, we will discuss why you must use React and where it fits the best.

Why Use ReactJS?

Easy to Work With

One of the most common concerns among developers is selecting a framework that is simple to understand and use. For developers who are familiar with JavaScript, React is simple to comprehend. ReactJS should be your best pick if you hire ReactJS developers who are familiar with JavaScript. Even if they aren't familiar with it, React might still be a good place to start.

Reusable Components

The React application is made up of components. Ideally, developers should begin by creating simple components. Then, they should package these smaller components in wrapper components. There will be a single root component and multiple hierarchical components as developers continue to write higher-level wrapper components. Each React component has its own logic. So, developers can reuse the button component in the project. These reusable components end up helping developers quickly complete the development process.

Vast Collection of Developer Tools

React has a diverse and thriving ecosystem. React developer teams can discover several ready-made and customized charts, images, documentation tools, and other components. They help them construct a web app in less time without having to write code from scratch.

Provides an Abstraction Layer

Another lesser-known commercial benefit of React is that it provides a decent abstraction layer. That prevents end-users from accessing the intricate internals. The developers simply need to grasp the fundamentals. It will be best if they also understand the internal workings. Furthermore, architectural patterns such as MVC, MVP, and MVVM are not mandated. The developer can design the app's architecture in whatever way they deem suitable.

When to Use ReactJS

Data Visualization

The best use-case for React is dashboards or data visualization web applications. It is critical for an end-user to get the essence of the facts in a manner they can comprehend quickly. For this, data visualization is very critical, especially in BI and Machine Learning.

There are various ready-made react dashboard templates on the internet. However, technical licensing for them may be quite expensive. Furthermore, integrating these templates into a web application is still a difficult process. Therefore, doing that is not recommended.

This is where ReactJS comes to the rescue. React developer teams can use other development tools like Ant.design or Airframe React to create a fully functional dashboard using React.

Social Media

Developing a social network as a dynamic website may appear to be a good idea theoretically. However, even developers would say that the technique has drawbacks such as long-term upkeep and never-ending DOM manipulation.

Dynamic social network web applications load a new page in response to each user request. But in SPA (Single Page Application) when a user clicks any button, just a portion of the SPA changes. This method reduces the number of client-to-server queries, resulting in better application performance.

The browser downloads built-in .js files first before the rest of the website loads. This means that it renders the basic SPA on the client-side. Following that, client side JavaScript renders the web page's content. A social media bot accesses the same page to create a preview. However, it rejects the JavaScript code and returns a simple preview of the page.

Developers can use server-side rendering with React. React SSR helps in rendering the information from the webpage on the server. This prevents the need to render it on the browser. The succeeding pages will load directly from the client, as the first render is done from the server. Developers can even use PHP development to create social media apps.


Component reusability is the most important benefit of utilizing ReactJS in an eCommerce web application. In other words, once a developer team creates a component, it can reuse it several times inside the React-based eCommerce app. They can do that without having to change the code. Since developers depend on reused components rather than building new ones, code reusability saves time and money. This also means that the development process takes less time and low cost.

A React-based eCommerce app's components should all be independent of one another. So, even if the web app has a single point of failure, the developer can still get it back up and running. That is because other aspects will still remain functional. Therefore, ReactJS is the best option for React shopping cart apps.

In Conclusion

ReactJS is a worthy component of the tech stack for any project that requires component reuse and stunning user interactions. It's a powerful UI framework for creating projects for small, medium, and even big businesses. That's why so many businesses rely on React to achieve their long-term objectives.

If you also want to build a digital product using ReactJS, you can contact our ReactJS development company. Our developers can easily build visually appealing apps for you, owing to their years of experience. Book an appointment with us today for discussing the project details.

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