January 20, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


For investors, Node seems fit enough to fulfill any gap. It finds use in a range of areas where specific software requirements are defined. Regardless of your endeavors, approaching Node professionals is essential. Find the right Nodejs development company to help you reach your goal. 

As for your decision to use Node or not, it usually depends on the nature of the project. Here are some instances of when and why to use NodeJS development services

Why and When To Use NodeJS Development

Reasons Why You Should Use Custom Node.js Development

If you are looking for a reason to use Node, there are many, and you won’t find it hard to pick.

Event Loops

Node uses the event-loop method of processing. Each time a new request comes in, a single individual thread is assigned to process that request. But less time and resources are required due to the use of callbacks.

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node Package Manager (NPM) and its large assortment of libraries are why Node is so popular. Here, Node.js developers can find all the code they need to make an effective Node.js application. 

When To Use Node.js Development

Now that you know the advantages or ‘why to use Node.js’, you might be wondering when you should use Node.js. There are several instances in software development where Node is the best technology for the job. 

Here are such instances where NodeJS development services will best suit your requirements. Check these examples of when this technology can apply its benefits to your project.  

Real-Time Applications

If your application depends on real-time data updates, Node.js is more than likely to be the technology you choose. In such applications, the transfer of data needs to be rapid. 

Node adopts an event-driven non-blocking I/O functioning. That means this technology can efficiently deal with multiple requests at any given time. As a result, data transmission between your application and the user is much faster and easier. 

Data Streaming Applications

Hate watching movies only for streaming to stop after 30 seconds? Yes? Well, users hate that too! So if you want to keep users happy, you have to develop an app that allows for undisturbed viewing. But, of course, that should happen without downloading the entire movie.

Nodejs app development ensures that your app will not be associated with slow loading and poor picture quality. Node fetches data fast, which results in seamless data streaming regardless of the length of the content. It also has the ability to process large volumes of data into smaller processing units. 


Microservices are an emerging avenue of technology that aims to achieve more with less code. These applications will be very helpful in receiving more data from a wide array of devices. 

Custom NodeJS development is usually the framework of choice due to its ability to easily design such microservice applications. 

Scalable Applications

A leading reason behind the success of a Node.js application is that these apps are easy to scale. So suppose you are creating a startup app now and receive so many users that you have to expand. Well, doing this will be relatively more straightforward with Node. 

Scalability will be the least of your concerns if you choose Node. Because of the simple process of scaling Node.js apps, you won’t have to pay an excessive amount of money to hire NodeJS developers.


Node is among the leading technologies that developers are using for their projects. There are several reasons for this move. Node.js web application provides the ability to process and update data rapidly without risking the app’s performance and experience.

To get your application developed correctly and offer the best functionality to your users, use an experienced Nodejs development company.

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