January 28, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


Using two technologies for your project instead of one might sound complex and expensive, but, in actual fact, it isn’t! Some developers may suggest using just one modern technology. This is not always the best way to solve your development issues. But, if you want the best Ruby on Rails Development Services, sometimes you have to combine two technologies. 

When is the React and RoR Combination Best for Developing Your Project?

Although the first thought of a Ruby on Rails development company is not to combine two technologies, especially one new and one old one! In some instances, this choice becomes one with obvious benefits. Here are some factors dictating when technologies like React and Ruby on Rails can be jointly applied to your project. 

Deadline and Budget

Both React and Ruby on Rails are open-source and do not require a license for use. This already cuts down an expense for you. As an investor, you will probably be looking to get your project onto the market as soon as possible! Rails and React make the best duo in this case, your project will be up in no time and will be based on a free model as well. 

Type of project

Looking to make an application with a highly interactive user interface? Well, then you have found the solution in the form of React and RoR. RoR web development is perfect for the back-end of applications while React takes care of the creative side of front-end development. 

Reasons Why React and Ruby Development Is Best For Your Project

Narola Infotech's Ruby on Rails development services would only suggest using both RoR and React on your project if the project offers some unique benefits that one technology alone cannot provide. These are the benefits of using these technologies together for your project. 

Less Development Time and Costs

Want to develop an MVP in a short time frame? The combination you require is React and Ruby on Rails. You can rapidly build a minimum viable product using React and Ruby on Rails technology. That too, on a small budget as well. 

Reduced Memory Usage

Constant simultaneous accessing of your application by a large number of users can lead to outages and glitches, something that users will not take a liking to! To avoid these application shortcomings, a combined effort from RoR and React will see your project through.


What makes these two technologies suitable for combined utilization is the fact that both React and Ruby development processes are well-documented and developers who use them will not face the problem of lack of information about the ways to extract functionality from these two partnering technologies.  This documentation stance could be one of the reasons why these technologies have amassed such large communities around the world. 

Faster Server Response Time

If your application is the place of maximum sales for your business, you will probably know the importance of response time and loading speed. Users will not want to wait longer and will easily go to a competitor offering faster speed.  Companies that have used the combination of React and Ruby On Rails development have boasted of a reduction in server response time by almost 90%! For a business that is hoping to get new customers and retain old ones, fast response time is crucial to making this a reality.  Overall faster loading speeds will lead to a better experience for users and hopefully higher sales for your business.

Easy to Learn

There isn’t a steep learning curve with these two technologies, meaning that you can get your application developed fast without the chances of errors being made between developers working in the same team. One developer will find it easy to pick up where another developer has left off. 

Equipped With Adequate Tools

Ruby on rails comes implemented with gems that are tools that help in the modification of Ruby applications and improving their functionality as a whole. This helps an RoR developer greatly since it provides the necessary means of adding features to an application and facilitates the perfect functioning of the application as a whole.  Without these gems and built-in tools of React and Ruby on Rails development would be a very difficult and time-consuming process and developers would opt for other easier technologies. Luckily for developers and you, these tools help everyone hoping to deal with the RoR programming language. 


Thanks to both React and RoR being enthusiastically followed by large communities, your app is assured a stable future. The Facebook-owned React always sees consistent stability updates while the APIs do not change too often.  This creates a stable environment for your application and will be great since you are dealing with not one but two technologies simultaneously! Ruby on rails also receives updates often enough even though it is much older than React. 

Established Projects Utilizing Both React and Ruby Development

Fusing the power of Ruby on Rails development with the appeal and speed of React is a feat that has been successfully achieved before. Here are some examples of companies that have found their winning approach using Ruby and React.  


Airbnb is an accommodation and real estate rental service platform that has found fame all around the world! It offers people the opportunity to rent a house or apartment for anywhere between days and weeks.  For Airbnb, while Ruby is the main programming language used, Rails finds use in the server-side of things. While React finds its place in creating the interface and design side of things. Exactly how you can use RoR and React together in your project. 


It is a platform that offers freelance workers that can fulfill chores to local demands.  TaskRabbit mentions that React provides speed and quality to their project. As for using Ruby on Rails with React. They utilize Asset Pipeline to facilitate the combination of React and Ruby. 


For investors who seek the services of an RoR development company, Ruby on Rails and another technology are usually suggested due to the advantages two technologies hold instead of just one.

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