February 9, 2021

Leena Sanap


Apple has always followed the trend of keeping secret regarding its product’s release and specification, and the same create an urge among the Apple fans, critics and experts to take a dig into the possible specification of upcoming gadget.

The rumors regarding iPhone 7 release and specification are flowing high in the market and every individual is taking a dip into the pool of its own estimation which is mostly based on the style of the tech giant Apple and the trend that they have kept following.

While some of the experts believe that iPhone 7 is still at a development stage and won’t be unveiled until Christmas, at the same time – the other part of the tech industry's brains is looking September 09 as its release date. However, the latter estimation holds the weight as the last two predecessors of the iPhone 7, namely 6 and 6S, was released on the same date of the respective last two years.

We have extracted from most of the rumors that the iPhone 7 will not have a headphone jack as Apple is expected to experiment with the design of the iPhone. Also, it is more likely to have faster processor and will be based on iOS10. It is also noticeable that the latest iOS version will be more friendly for iPhone application development as it is believed that the same will be developers friendly.

Apple has always brought something new and happening with each iPhone. So, this time the surprise may be the waterproof technology. Yes, so now you will be able to take the next iPhone to the pool or bathtub.

However, unlike most of the time – Apple won’t have major changes in the new iPhone because the company has kept the best to uncover on its 10 anniversary which is coming the next year. So, apple lovers might need to wait for something happening, amazing and hilarious.

However, on other hand – it is believed that there will be several dynamic changes in the iPhone 7 as the popularity of the most celebrated gadget on the earth is going down because of no bigger changes in the previous two versions. Also, Samsung, with its latest innovation, is giving tough competition to the biggest gadget brand.

Back to estimation, two of the most believed changes in the iPhone 7 would increase RAM i.e. 3GB and sleeker design. The experts are also counting the new iPhone may either have a dual-camera setup or a smart connector, but nobody is highly sure about both these features.

Most likely, the best will be done to the iPhone app development part as the upcoming gadget will have easy-to-connect features for apps, and probably, developers could do more wonders with the favorable changes in the upcoming operating system and a faster processor.

Towards the end, you all might be waiting for the cost, and the same can be around $700 for the basic model (16GB). $810 for 64GB and $890 for 128GB. Hope for the best from iPhone 7 and until its release, keep waiting & estimating.

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