January 28, 2021

Leena Sanap


If you are a developer or coder, up-gradation and change are the only constants for you. Every day newer technologies and better implementations are launched in the market. Some of them fail while some succeed and it becomes crucial that you update yourself with them. Having the right set of skills chisels your career path for the betterment and creates opportunities for you to excel in your current job or even be capable of higher prospects.

Java web development has garnered a huge space in the IT development industry and it has created a space for its technology that is here to stay. As a Java developer, it is not only important that you gain mastery over the existing capabilities, but you need to also keep in touch with the upcoming changes in Java programming.

If you are a developer, you might be familiar with the Java world ever since you have exploring which programming languages to learn. But, you cannot simply headstart learning Java and building web applications. It is a gradual process. But, once you have sufficient knowledge of the same, you can look to honing your skills and raise your caliber a lot more than just having the unit test skills.

Here we introduce you to the top trends that shall be ruling the industry in the upcoming days and you must definitely pick up with them to earn an edge over other Java developers in your league.

1. DevOps

A large number of organizations today seek DevOps technology as it is remarkable in achieving high performance. It is a great tool if you are a Java developer looking to manage the environment, automation, and improving the overall structure. With a proper DevOps roadmap, you can learn this vast topic in-depth and play an active role in gaining traction for your business. It not only reduces the lifecycle of the system development, but it also offers business objects and advanced features implementations. This is the reason it has become one of the most preferred by businesses to opt for development. Some of the tools to upgrade with would be Dockers, Maven, and Jenkins.

2. Updated Spring framework

As any Java developer would assert, learning the Spring framework is imperative and those who have the initial knowledge and are well with the basics should start learning Spring Boot, Spring Security, and Spring Cloud. Additionally, you can also opt to learn the reactive programming model that is offered by Spring 5.0.

3. Apache Spark and Kafka

The next set of technologies that developers must look out for are these. Apache Spark has a cluster computing framework. It is available as an open-source which makes it even more accessible and prone to possibilities for better development. Apache Kafka on the other hand provides a stream processing platform. Its codes are mainly written in Java.

4. Learn the latest version

While Java is a very vast programming language and it has new versions being launched every 6 months, you must always try to keep up with the latest ones. Basically, Java 9 is treated as a Java Shell. You become familiar with constructs like class, interfaces, statements & objects. Thereafter, you can keep advancing your learning up to the latest released Java 12.

5. Git

It is a distributed version control system that assists during software development in order to know any changes made in the source code. This has become one of the most essential tools that one must look forward to mastering in. You must definitely consider learning the command line Git as many companies are now migrating their SVN and CVS projects to Git. It is available as an open-source system and highly recommended for Java web development.

6. Selenium

This is a powerful tool for web browser automation and is used for testing frameworks. One can easily test static pages as well as those web pages written using Javascript. The unique part of this tool is that you could be authoring tests without having to learn test scripting language. You are provided open-source APIs with Selenium web driver.


While there is no limit to when and what course to start when you are willing to upgrade your skills, you must focus on what you are really good at. Pick up something in the lines of that and you can excel at it. The enlisted tools and technologies will definitely help you earn a mark at any Java development company. In addition to these, you can also consider learning RESTful web services, Angular 2, ReactJS, Node JS, and the list is inexhaustive for Java programmers to learn in 2020.

You must however realize that the journey towards success begins with a single step. So, plan it out today and get started to Upgrade!

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