January 6, 2023


Mrunali Gaikwad


From internal operations to managing customer relations, there’s a lot you need to sort out for an enterprise. And efficient, interactive applications have a major role to play in the same. Not only us but significantly many in the industry claim that going cross-platform with on-demand Flutter app development could yield great results.  

Now, definitely “there’s plenty of fish in the sea” when it comes to development platforms and reliable modern tech. But choosing the one that would not upset your organization’s ecosystem is a bit of a quest. There are technologies and platforms almost all software engineers use, and then there are the ones that they prefer to use. Flutter is the best example. 

“Flutter is preferred by nearly 42% of business owners and software engineers”. 

There must be a reason for this. In this blog, we’re going to let you know the same. 

But first, let’s get to know the tech a little better.   

What is Flutter? 

Flutter is a unique, open-source UI software development kit (SDK) introduced by Google. It is used for developing cross-platform applications for iOS, Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows, and Google Fuschia using a single codebase. Flutter’s multifaceted use is an important reason for its growing popularity among businesses and developers.

On demand Flutter app development

Why Do Most Developers Prefer Using Flutter? 

Flutter comes with some interesting features which make it efficient and a prime choice among many developers. As a Flutter app development company, we swear by these aspects for successful application development.

  • Dart Programming Language 

With the capabilities of Dart programming language, Flutter helps us create feature-packed applications for your business. Dart programming offers just-in-time execution which makes this SDK efficient. It further promotes the creation of applications that provide optimal performance on different platforms.  

  • Rich Foundation Library 

This component is another important feature of the Flutter SDK. The foundation library helps in creating reliable APIs and supports smooth communication between various app elements. This library is a great asset for making highly scalable and interactive apps. 

  • Robust Flutter Engine 

Flutter has a specific programming engine that’s used only by itself. This engine creates applications with high-end rendering support. With the Flutter engine, developers can implement built-in libraries to incorporate various elements into the app framework later. 

  • Design Specific Widgets 

Flutter comes with design-specific widgets for different operating systems which gives it a competitive edge for cross-platform development. These widgets adapt to OS-specific elements and promote efficient cross-platform application development. 

What Makes Flutter the Best Framework for Enterprise Apps? 

Enterprise applications are often different from any other regular apps. They are meant to fulfill operational requirements and managerial goals within an enterprise. Based on the operations and size of a company, their apps can be way more complex. Amidst all this chaos, most businesses prefer getting Flutter app development services, and there are reasons for the same. 


Improves Developers’ Productivity 

When you hire Flutter app developer team, you would expect them to complete the project as soon as possible. While productivity is primarily dependent on the team, it’s also affected significantly by the framework and other resources used. Since Flutter doesn’t require too many additional resources, it helps maintain the efficiency and overall productivity of the project. With the package of tools and services it offers, Flutter not only improves productivity but also proves to be cost-effective.  

Object-Oriented Language Benefit 

When investing in an app for your business, you might want to onboard the most experienced and highly-skilled developers. Business apps are not the best cases for taking a risk. As we discussed, Flutter is based on Dart - an object-oriented programming language. This makes it easier for you to find suitable human resources for your project. A fairly large share of software developers is well-versed in object-oriented programming languages. Thus, they will be able to use the Flutter SDK perfectly for your business’s benefit. 

Predictable, High-End Performance  

When it comes to performance, Flutter is known to be very consistent. Flutter’s predictable high-end performance makes it one of the best resources to trust for enterprise apps. With the help of a skillful development team Flutter app development company, you can get an intuitive, interactive, and highly-productive app that offers the best performance. 


Quick Allocation 

Flutter comes with an in-built memory allocator which allocates short-term memory for finishing tasks. When paired with the functional-style flow, it becomes beneficial for both businesses and developers. It significantly boosts the overall performance of the app. 

Single Code Base 

Flutter uses a single code base for different platforms. When you choose to create cross-platform apps using Flutter, it indicates a lot of benefits. Implementing new code or making improvements within the application becomes easier. This also speeds up the development process while making it simpler and more productive, which saves cost, time, and effort. Flutter is also a great option to build an MVP for the market at a low budget and shorter time frame.  

Take some time to compare cross-platform frameworks and native technologies before you come to conclusions. 

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Native-Like Performance 

No enterprise wants to compromise its app’s performance on any OS. Flutter is great at offering near-native experience for cross-platform applications. This is a major advantage for wide-scale businesses as they can improve interactions with users on multiple devices. Apps built using Flutter almost completely match the native iOS and Android performance. It's one of the important reasons why many entrepreneurs hire Flutter developer.  


Growing businesses require scalable solutions. Being able to offer some highly scalable applications makes Flutter a great choice for enterprises. You can also turn to Flutter for web development solutions as these applications can easily be scaled for desktops and the web. Apps made using Flutter can scale themselves depending on the workload, size of the business, and other conditions.   



The Flutter SDK comes with ready-to-use plugins and various interesting features. The simplicity of using the Flutter platform is a great benefit as developers find it easier to make amends and updates within the applications. Codes can be easily written and modified. Since the SDK has tools and features for almost everything, there’s less dependency on other resources. Developers can establish native elements without having to interfere with native frameworks. 

Great Graphics 

Flutter comes with an internal graphic engine that allows the creation of reliable graphic interfaces for apps. The Skia graphic engine keeps up with the best layouts for graphics that will be used on the app across different platforms. The graphics and UX design processes are simplified, so the team doesn’t have to worry about fine-tuning the layout later. Thus, highly innovative designs can be easily delivered. Since UI is an important aspect of user interaction, Flutter’s innovative graphics give a new dimension to the overall design. 

Faster Coding, Faster Apps 

Some important aspects of Flutter app development services are the ease of coding and faster apps. When growing businesses like yours come up with a unique idea, they want to be the first to launch an app in the market. Flutter speeds up the overall development cycle by providing almost all necessary resources in one place. 

Not only does Flutter help the developers with faster development, but the final product developed using this SDK is faster than other apps. Believe us when we say a slow, lagging app is the last thing you want for your enterprise. Flutter’s lightweight framework maintains app speed and ensures that the users don’t abandon it because of being slow. 

No Need for Rigorous Testing 

Coding with Flutter is accurate and requires minimal testing. Also, since a single code is produced for various platforms, there’s no need for multiple tests. The hot-reloading feature helps in eliminating real-time bugs. Thus there will be less hassle, and your app can be deployed faster.  


Reliable Development Services Play an Important Role 

Flutter is indeed one of the best technologies to support your unique cross-platform app idea. However, there’s a lot to do between ideation and execution. App development skills and full-fledged services play an important role when trying to leverage the benefit of Flutter SDK. 
As a Flutter App Development Company in the USA for over 17 years now, our team at Narola Infotech understands the professionalism and perfection that are necessary for bringing successful apps to life. Our progressive approach, enthusiastic developers, creative designers, and quality analysts who are keen on details can pave your way through challenging projects. If you are seeking a robust, scalable cross-platform solution for your enterprise, we could be the most reliable development partner for you. For services and queries, feel free to reach out!

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