September 20, 2021


Rohit Rawat


The new iOS 14 update has garnered a lot of hype because of the interesting features it offers. However, business owners and marketers, especially in the eCommerce industry, are concerned about privacy updates.

This article will discuss the new privacy features, how it impacts eCommerce websites and apps and how to overcome the hurdles caused by it.

What is the New iOS 14 Update?

Out of all the features of the iOS 14 update, the most significant is the privacy update. Apple announced that the update will significantly modify how applications request and gather user data.

eCommerce app owners will have to drastically alter their iOS app development and site marketing processes to meet Apple's new privacy requirements. Every advertiser will be affected by this in terms of optimization, targeting, and measurement. All applications that collect user data and share it with other organizations will follow the AppTracking Transparency (ATT) architecture after the release of iOS 14.

Another change is Private Click Calculation, or PCM, a new web attribution protocol that will offer users resources to help them comply with ATT.

The 3 major changes in this update are-

IDFA (Identifiers for Advertisers)

The IDFA (Identifier for Advertisers) is a unique Apple ID issued to each existing division in a user's app. In terms of user-to-app communication, they're comparable to cookies-to-browsers. In-app advertising will be tracked, targeted, and personalised via IDFAs.

Apple will need users to grant iOS applications permission to gather and share data starting with iOS 14. Apps that do not comply with the AppTracking Transparency Prompt will be immediately removed. Users' monitoring and customization choices will be limited as a result of this.

SKAd Network

The Software Development Kit for Advertisements (SKAd) is a set of tools that regulates how Apple applications are created, executed, managed, and utilized in advertisements. All of this will change once iOS 14's privacy improvements take effect. Apps that are used for advertising will essentially go through Apple's SKAd network.

This network will include specific information set by the advertiser, such as click-through attribution for Publisher ID, Campaign ID, and Conversion Value. The network will also give click-through attribution for browser, email, and non-in-app advertising.

ATT (App Tracking Transparency)

The App Tracking Transparency (ATT) prompt is a new feature that will appear in all Apple apps. Apps will need permission from users to gather and share personal data. Apps that do not include this will be blocked by Apple. As a result, restricted tracking capabilities will become the standard. Overall, advertisers will acquire less data, and consumers will get less customization.

This is why many eCommerce companies with mobile applications are delaying updating their privacy rules until the update is released. Every eCommerce business, developer, and digital marketer will have to determine whether the data acquired is valuable or whether they should employ another monitoring method, such as email or browser, in the future.

How Will It Impact eCommerce?

For years, many eCommerce businesses have depended on Facebook for their advertising requirements. It not only costs less than other competitors, such as Google Ads, but it also has a lot of filters and customizing possibilities.

With the release of iOS 14, Facebook will have to adjust to a new method of dealing with advertisements, data, permissions, and targeting. This decrease in available data will have an impact on almost everything.

The upcoming iOS privacy update will require online marketers to be more innovative with their advertising techniques. With technology rapidly reaching a new, privacy-centric future, they'll need to develop new ways to not only reach audiences but also to do so without violating privacy regulations.

How Can eCommerce Websites Prepare for It?

Although the impact of iOS 14's new update on businesses that rely on digital advertising is unknown, there are a few suggestions that can help you enhance your marketing plan and mitigate the damage.

Adopt New Strategies

Email Marketing

Email has always been inexpensive and effective. It is now one of the most important tools accessible to digital marketers, small company owners, and app developers. To get around privacy problems and earn income, more companies will certainly use email marketing. Before adding someone to an email list, they'll only have to be vigilant about data collecting permissions.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes your website trackable on the internet. Your links will appear higher on result pages if your SEO score is greater. The idea is that you'll be there to meet your target customers anytime they conduct a relevant search. This boosts organic traffic, resulting in more views, possible interaction, and conversion chances.

Referral Marketing

To expand your business, this marketing strategy relies on referrals and general word-of-mouth. If done correctly, you can grow your client base by using current customer networks.

Affiliate Marketing

This popular strategy boosts sales and produces online income by paying affiliates a commission for promoting your products or services. Each sale they influence earns them a portion of the profits. 

You can monitor sales utilizing an affiliate link from one site to another. Everything is sent to an affiliate network, which logs the purchase and transaction information before verifying it and transferring money to your bank account.

Prepare Your App According to the New Regulations

If you have a branded app, your app description should now include a privacy disclaimer that explains what user data you gather and how you use it. Run A/B testing to better manage opt-ins and opt-outs. Each version should convey the facts in a unique way, emphasizing the advantages of signing up.

In Conclusion

It is true that this new iOS privacy update and the rising demand for data protection by users will require a change in the eCommerce marketing strategies. But that doesn't mean it has to affect your sales. As long as you are clear about the privacy information and comply with it and base your strategies around the points listed above, you will not only be able to sustain your business but also reinforce its growth.

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