February 3, 2021


Leena Sanap


Building mobile apps and web apps on the Android platform has become quite the norm. Small businesses and big companies in various industry niches maintain it as the best approach to engage with their customers and offer services firsthand without the intervention of third parties.

Over time, a lot has been seen in the field of mobile app development as well as web development along with progress in app building software. This has lead to big investments happening in almost every Android app development company. With great demand, software developers who are skilled and knowledgeable are receiving fair opportunities to showcase their talent and receiving good remuneration for the same.

There is fierce competition amongst developers to offer better skills and Android app development services from their end. They are learning better developer tools and exploring the best Android app development software from the pool of app-making software.

So, to simplify the dilemma here is an elaborate selection of the best app building software preferred by most thriving developers in the industry as the best app-making software.

List of the Best App Building Software:

Building and developing an app for mobile devices has become fairly easy. Someone who does not have extensive knowledge of coding but is determined can easily make use of some powerful platforms that enable simple drag and drop methods and readily available source codes to create remarkable and interactive Android apps.

While there is a fairly large boom in cross-platform app development, the loyalty reserved by the native mobile apps development remains unaltered. This is large because every company has its own set of target audiences. Ideally, if you would be in the same space, you too would only choose a suitable platform to build an app for your business.

So, if you are on the look for the best Android app development software, this comprehensive list might help you out:

Appy Pie

This is an amazing cloud-based mobile app development platform for newbies who need not have any knowledge of coding, programming languages, and other technicalities. It has made creating an app a breeze on Android among many other platforms. The software allows the integration of social media, blogs, feeds, etc. The revisions can occur in real-time and push notifications are easily implemented.


It is also cloud-based, does not require installing and downloading. It includes components like Apache Cordova, Ionic, Visual editor, etc. So, one can simply drag and drop the UI components. Many developers trust the app-building software for enterprise-grade Android apps as the development process is very fast-paced and the platform supports rapid development, integration, and deployment generating great ROI quickly.


Regarded as the fastest Android app development software that requires null coding language, this app-making software is garnering a lot of attention. It has segregated tools for admins and management. It has very engaging templates and themes. It allows for real-time content editing. Based on your skills you can create price plans to create an app on this platform. It has robust security due to the AWS cloud infra system.


This app-building software is often preferred for eCommerce apps. It has a comprehensive list of features that most eCommerce platform mobile apps require for building. As a developer, you can easily learn to work on the platform with their tutorials. In addition to this, it is also the go-to option for restauranteers, salon owners, and real estate agents as it supports the marketing and showcasing of your products and services.


This is a dynamic and open-source app-building software that can be customized to meet your needs. This improves the kind of Android apps developed under it. Many big brands vouch for the dependability of this software due to the amazing dashboards created with it. It has instantaneous reconfigurability making it very flexible and suitable as the best Android app development software.

Good Barber

The software has the most beautiful and customizable templates supported by the options for font styles and icons improving the aesthetics of your mobile app. It is often preferred for the development of progressive web apps (PWA) for Android technology. It’s great for apps that are interactive and accept the participation of users by uploading their content in the form of videos, sounds, text, etc.


As the name suggests, the app-building software is extensively used for creating gaming apps without executing a single line of code. There are specific scene and actor editors where the major task of adding images, graphics, sounds, etc. takes place and all the work is actively accomplished. It has a great community online where you can always reach out to seek help from other game designers whenever you are stuck. You can choose to select one of the following plans:

  • For Educators
  • For Developers

Mobile Roadie

The plus point of using this app-building software is that you can visually see what you are creating and have a complete idea of how your user will perceive the app. It phenomenally allows the automatic importing of RSS, Twitter, or Google News keywords, etc. along with other various media. It has a highly customizable CMS system.

In Conclusion:

Thus, there is a large pool of app-building software for you to choose from. And, it does not even require you to have immense knowledge in coding. Simply choose your favorite app-making software that aligns the most with your requirements and kickstart your journey to creating dynamic and prolific Android mobile apps.

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