January 21, 2021


Leena Sanap


HR department prevention points are very important. Every business and not only IT outsourcing software development company in India banks on the recruitment cell. It is the key dept. of every business whether big or small. Thus, they have the responsibility of managing the employee side as well as the management. This helps the employee to work towards the benefit of the organization. A lot depends on the HR department responsibilities to keep functioning the company effectively. There are a few things that the HR department should avoid in order to save the firm from bad impact:

Avoiding Personal Conflict

78.34 Percent of the Human Resource people have a personal conflict with the employees in the organization. This is as per an Indian-based surveying organization. Their working style gets affected too. This can be dangerous for the environment of the company. Sometimes personal things reflect professional behavior too. The same results in a messed up situation and sour relationships both professional and personal.

Favoring the Employees

It is a common scenario in any company that HR people have good relationships with some employees. They favor these candidates with monthly awards & rewards. This continues to incorporate sessions and during final appraisal. Personal relations should not affect the culture of the company. Award the deserving candidates. If you entitle them to the rewards and good appraisal they feel more wanted and work better. If such things do not happen it leaves a bad impact on them. The other hard and smart working candidates would also end up leaving it for their own good.

Being Partial in Recruitment

This is the harsh truth about the Human Resource department. They take the side of the candidates appearing for the interview and are known to them. Hire the prospect on the basis of qualification, skill, knowledge, and experience. It should not be on the basis of the relation between the interviewer and the candidate. Most of the time due to this instead of hiring good candidates worthless get the job. This may affect the quality of the services or products that the company offers.

Not Being Revengeful

We are humans; we do make mistakes and we may have a different opinion. In an IT mobile development company in India or any other corporation, it is a common practice. Some of the candidates do not get well with the functioning of the HR department and they complain about the same. This hurts the sentiments of HR people and they look for getting revenge. Avoid these things. Each and every employee of the company posses the same basic rights. Thus, feeling of revenge should not be there and such situations must be handled with maturity.

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