January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


The complexities of running a school have increased as compared to what they were a few years ago. To manage a school is a culmination of innumerable tasks. Moreover, it is important that the school administration ace in every aspect in order to maintain the name and fame of the institute.

This scenario has lead to an indispensable role of efficient school management software to be incorporated in the school’s operations and functioning. A school management ERP system handles various departments thoroughly leaving room for progress and overall growth of the institute.

In light of the benefits offered by a school management ERP system, many schools and well-known groups of schools are making investments in the development of a School management app or a school ERP system. It is an important step for them towards school automation.

In this article, we, therefore, try to highlight the aspects that need to be considered while building a school ERP along with school management app features.

School Management System Features List:

It is now an era of cloud-based schools and educational institutions. We all have witnessed the remarkable shift from classroom education to online classes, examinations, tuitions, etc. owing to the global pandemic Coronavirus.

While the pandemic brought all things bad in the world to occur, it has clearly highlighted the loopholes in the way we have been conducting our education system. We are obviously not prepared for a crisis or a method where education can be provided to every nook and corner of the country if a pupil is unable to attend classes or school in person.

But, things have already started to change and while the children cannot wait to go back to school, we examine a school management system features list that will work in every situation even in the post-covid-19 scenario, and offer strong support to the school operations.

1. Track Student's Progress -

Whether it is a student’s report card or their grades in every exam conducted throughout the year, a school ERP system is capable of managing thousands of records of every single student that are readily available at a single click into the system. The various test papers and the answer sheet, or answer-keys to the exam conducted can be directly shared on the student portal so they can quickly work on their mistakes and improve.

The database can also store student’s attendance making it easier for the teachers to channelize their efforts into other productive tasks. A student’s progress in extracurricular activities and competitive exams is equally important as that in academics.

It is possible for the teachers and school t maintain a record of their achievements in the school management system. Such an education ERP system can save data for many many years. As the system development is advanced and cloud-based, there is no limit to what can or cannot be stored.

2. Important Information Sharing -

With well-defined school management app features, scheduling classes, sharing exam schedules, the announcement of activities, results, holiday calendar, or other information becomes extremely easy.

The parents portal available on the mobile app brings all of this information to their fingertips. Moreover, parents get a direction as to where they can obtain authentically verified information. Parents can also check the attendance of their students that is logged each day ensuring their safety and regularity.

It brings the school, teachers, students, and parents all on the same page. It is a less time-consuming process and instantaneous too.

3. School Administration -

A school requires proper management of teachers, helping staff, and other resources from time to time. It is rather laborious and expected to break down at some point when all of this is done manually especially if you are dealing with a big school that has many students and teachers enrolled with them.

In addition to this, there is library management, sports equipment, resources procured for events, etc. that have to be dealt with. A school management ERP system can play a significant role in handling all of these. If it is required that 10 people manually do the tasks, the system can optimize your requirements to just 4 people completing it in a guaranteed error-free manner.

The cleaning staff, helping staff, teachers, etc. also need management. Arranging for a proxy, dividing the work, managing their leaves, salaries, etc. can also be included in your school management system features list.

It takes care of front-office management, fees, admissions, registrations, and holistically takes care of all the minor aspects of school management.

4. A Channel for Parents -

There is complete transparency between the school and parents. They know exactly where to reach out in case they have any doubts or wish to register a complaint. All of this can be done without hampering the working of the school and online.

With all the student’s records, statistical reports of their projects, insights about the ways to improve and the areas that can be worked upon due to artificial intelligence (AI) integrated with the school management app features, parents know that their child is looked after in the best possible way. They can rest assured that they are able to provide the best for the student’s academic and holistic progress in school life.

Parting Words:

Thus there is no doubt in the fact that a School Management ERP System is the ultimate choice and investment you can make for the betterment of your school on the whole. With the advent of technologies every day, the process of School ERP app or system creation is expected to become more polished. So, make the right choice as quickly as you can and get ready to give your students a promise of a bright future.

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