December 6, 2021


Dhruti Randeria


A business may want to use your Instagram clone app to market themselves and successfully sell their products. A place like this makes it perfect for sellers to meet buyers. Any business can unlock and explore the scope of such technology.

Tips To Increase Sales Through An Instagram Clone

It’s quite evident why a business would turn to use Instagram for marketing, advertising, and even selling their product or service. It is mainly due to the large crowds that use the app usually on a daily basis!

Besides, with everyone using these apps today, there is barely anyone that cannot be reached through an app like Instagram. These are modern times and technology should be utilized. 

Identify and Target Your Audience

For a business, the number one goal is to identify the prospective audience and how to attract them. So, start by analyzing the demographics of your customers and assessing certain characteristics about them.

After this, the business should be able to tell the age, gender, and geographic location of their target audience. How does this help their business operations? Well, it lets them know what kind of content to put out.

They can create marketing campaigns and content that best suits their customers with a chance to entice future customers. Remember to make sure the content is relevant to users, else they won’t bother to look at it. 

Use of Hashtags

Hashtags do wonders when a business wishes to spread awareness about its brand. It helps users find brands faster. Especially after a certain brand capitalizes on a particular hashtag. They can even discover new companies and products by using them. 

Companies hoping to gain followers or sales from an Instagram clone app should definitely make its use. But, adding any random hashtag will not help a business in any way! Careful planning and analysis are required to find the hashtags that best suit your business, services, or products. 

One Picture Says It All!

If there is one thing that an Instagram clone app is known for its pictures. Users respond to appealing pictures! Pictures are what made Instagram famous, right? Selling products and spreading awareness through pictures and videos. 

A great way to get this type of content out is to use lots of bright colors and catchy text. Some phrases have an effect on users that help a company make a connection or make a sale. Either way, both are good for a business. 

Even if posting is not as frequent, make sure it is worth it when a post is put up. It takes one post to appeal to the masses. Your users are most likely to become customers or prospective customers. 

Advertising Campaign

No business ever made a sale without advertising and that’s a fact! Marketing efforts are important to raise awareness and display the business’s products. Instagram ads are the best way to implement an ad campaign. 

Sometimes a wrong advertising campaign can leave a user confused as to what exactly is the brand’s product or service. Businesses wishing to avoid this should assess what may make their users visit their website to purchase a product. 

Put enough time and energy into an advertising campaign and rewards will be reaped. 

Partner With Influencers

With all social media platforms put together, there are certain people who find a way to amass a large following. These people are called influencers and working in partnership with them can be beneficial for both parties. 

This helps to create partnerships, increase sales, and produce content for the website as well. Influencers will charge a certain amount per post. But, they offer the chance to display a sponsored advertisement to a larger and mostly younger audience. 

Product Demos

People love demos and live ones at that! Showing off what your product can do is great. Sometimes it’s even pictures and videos like these that change a person’s mind about buying an item. 

In some cases, users might avoid buying a product they don’t know how to use. These Instagram stories and pictures educate the public which greatly helps a business. The more a particular product demo is displayed, the more a person watching them will think they need it! 

Show Off User-Generated Content

There’s something else that your audience will enjoy. Any ideas as to what it is?  

It’s real stories from real people! Yes, that’s right. People want to read about actual cases from people who have bought, used, and benefitted from the product. Telling their story or sharing their pictures will create a link between the company and customers. 

Using user-generated content helps forge loyal bonds that can last long and do great for a company’s reputation. These customers will be the ones to stick by your side for many years to come. They may even recommend the product/service to other people who are willing to try it.  

Honest Reviews

Paying people to give positive reviews is not a good idea in an app like Instagram and could damage your brand name. Honest reviews earn people’s trust even if they are not fully positive, honesty is the best policy! 

Reviews give off more information than a product brochure and this practical information is vital for your business. 

Connect With Your Audience

The most popular and successful brands out there have become so by putting themselves in the shoes of their users. By doing this you are giving users a valid reason to buy your product or enlist your services.  

Being able to connect with followers is great for a business and helps turn social media platforms into marketplaces. 

Sales, Discounts, and Coupons

This method is even used by retail shops and is the oldest trick in the book that still works. Offering customers a discount the first time can motivate them to buy your product over others. The next step is undertaken by your product, it has to prove its worth! 

But if what you’re pitching is not what you are selling there could be problems! Making sure products are up to the mark is crucial for brand development. 

Instagram Stories Are A Tool

When utilized properly, Instagram stories make for a great marketing tool for a business. Keeping these real and frequent will go a long way in growing an audience of followers. 

These short ‘disappearing’ or limited-time posts are exactly what will make users follow you if they enjoy what you post!  

Don’t Be Too Sales-Driven

Internet users of today are smart and hard to please! Making a direct sales pitch to them will end in failure! If you really want to convert them to customers, you have to do so smartly and creatively. 

For that to happen, you cannot have a sales-driven attitude towards what you post on Instagram. This would naturally come off as boring and unappealing. Instead, try to make the sales pitch less obvious and more interesting!  


Instagram clone apps that garner large audiences can act as a platform through which businesses can connect with buyers. It is the perfect place to build a brand and raise awareness. 

As an investor and owner of an Instagram clone app, you are in a favorable position to provide features to businesses to increase their sales.

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