Digital marketing has become the lifeline of online businesses providing them the key route to success. But, to be successful – one has to use the basic components of the digital marketing to the best because if you do not do it – you will stay behind in the race as the whole commercial world is making their top-efforts in digital marketing to get the maximum advantages.

Here, we have to also look at the order while triggering different digital marketing elements.

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO – Yes, this is supposed to be the first thing we look forward to include in the digital marketing strategy. Without sound seo, you could not possibly think about your online presence. Also, most of the traffic to your website or portal is brought by effective seo. To understand the thick line of SEO – “Search engine optimization is like eating food daily, without food – you cannot survive in the world, and without SEO you cannot survive the online market. Thus, first of all – sound SEO must be your goal.

SMO – Social Media Optimization

SMO – Nothing has gain popularity on the web as quick as social media channels have done. Once they were recognized as the social gathering spot and within a flick of an eye – they have become so important to the corporate arena. IF we believe the data and survey findings, then if we are not doing social media optimization, we are missing on 34 percent of the quality audience. I guess no one would like to have a miss on so ‘thick’ target audience.

PPC – Pay Per Click or Online Ads

When you think to accelerate your run in the online industry, then you have to consider PPC or online ads above all because without them it would be next to impossible kind of thing to get grip on the target audience so easily and so quickly. PPC helps in putting your brand ahead of others ensuring its wide visibility over the web and that too among your preferences. It gives a real good boost to your sales figures in shorter period of time


One need to have corporate videos, product videos or service videos ready to put them up on the web, if he wish to have a grand exposure of his business. The video or GIF promotion has become so effective in the online marketing that individuals trying it are getting better result than who are not giving it a look. Certainly, video promotion has the ability to convince the customers in a better way than other mediums. Thus, one should not risk his business by not including video promotion in the digital marketing list.

Before you start considering the above mentioned digital marketing elements in the said order – it is crucial for you to understand that all these things need an expert hand to get done appropriately. While most of the individual intend to do it on their own and what all they get is – negligible result. You need to hire a company or dedicated professionals to do the same. It could be better understandable in the lines:

“Everybody who cook is not a chef, it takes proficiency to be the one”.

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