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Facebook, something that started as an experimental venture of Mark Zuckerberg with a few of his fellow roommates has turned into a big social media corporate giant. It is influencing companies and their businesses in many niches.

So, it is only obvious as a newbie investor to think about the remarkable possibilities that can be achieved by investing in the development of an app like Facebook. Parallelly, as a seasoned stakeholder, if you are looking for a fresh and new paradigm for investments and profits, then you may not have to look further once you find a reliable Facebook clone app development company.

A golden rule for successfully emerging competent in any mobile app development is extensive research. This is definitely something that one might expect from the company they are partnering with. But, contrary to popular belief, it is you as an investor who must have a clear outline of the potential market and also the growth and scalability of your project.

This blog is for readers who would like to explore ways in which their Facebook clone app would yield maximum user engagement and thereby profits. 

Why an App like Facebook?

While we are consistently emphasizing the creation of a Facebook clone app, it might cross your mind that why not simply build a social media platform from scratch?

There are a number of reasons that will immediately convince you about the idea of a Facebook clone. One of the prominent ones being the time to market. Additionally,

  • A clone script means faster development.
  • You know what works for the audience and only need to customize it.
  • Quality assurance is not an issue
  • You have a clear idea about growth possibilities and can implement a strategy.
  • Significantly reduces the development costs along with time.
  • Easier maintenance
  • The chances that you succeed are much higher.
  • You can have an app to call your own and works with your vision.

Now, that it is established that building an app like Facebook has many pros, let’s delve into the latest features and updates that must not be overlooked while you are building a solid plan.

All New Features to have in Facebook Clone App

Apart from the aesthetics, there are a number of things that can be included in your brand new Facebook clone app in order to make it likable to your audience. Enlisted are the latest updates by Facebook which deserve a spot in your feature-rich Facebook clone.

Facebook Podcasts:

We have experienced intense liking of audiences towards various audio and music streaming services lately. The most prominent one being Spotify. Facebook is never behind when it comes to offering audiences what they like irrespective of the effort it takes.

In April 2021, Facebook came up with the attempt to offer a “sound studio in your pocket” feasibility with its Facebook Podcast feature in messenger. This is a fairly exciting attempt and for an investor who is looking for unique things to include in our Facebook clone, this is a must-tap kind of feature.

Invest in Content Creators:

Facebook has cracked the code as to what is it that is driving social media. There is a huge crowd of influencers and content creators striving every day to engage audiences and garner a substantial crowd. Their constant efforts keep them on their toes and people give their verdict on a day-to-day basis.

These creators have a strong following and a lot of ownership in what they do. So, if you are kickstarting your Facebook Clone app, then partnering with some good creators can be a brilliant move. Facebook is investing as much as $1 billion. You can include some premium features for such creators in your app development for mutual benefit.

Payment Integration:

We are aware of how Facebook stepped into allowing small businesses to showcase their products and services online with the Facebook marketplace. Not only that, but it also became a platform for all the users to buy/sell items of their personal ownership with convenience.

A step ahead in that direction, In June 2021 Facebook Pay started rolling in a few selected countries. Users in the USA are now able to send and receive money via Facebook Pay links and QR codes. This is a feature definitely worth adding to your Facebook clone app with digital payments becoming the most sought feature.

Try-On Options:

Social media in general has become a great place for small businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs to connect with their customers and also showcase everything they have in the most presentable and convenient way.

With the help of AR-VR technologies integrated into your Facebook clone app, it is possible for you to let the users virtually try your products. For example, users can try a particular shade of lipstick, pieces of Jewellery, or clothing to make the judgment if they like the way it looks and makes a conformed decision for purchase.

This is an innovative way to entice the audience and let them know that you are committed to offering the best user experience and gaining their confidence.

Call-To-Action Buttons:

We all understand the importance of CTA in websites and apps. They help you not lose a potential customer and directly help you drive traffic and thereby improving sales. It has become a powerful tool for sales and marketing.

With respect to your app like Facebook, adding CTAs to wherever ads are displayed can serve helpful. For eg., if you are featuring a doctor’s clinic ad to a target user in their vicinity, they are likely to click on the CTA to book an appointment or at least check out the details of services offered.

3D Images and Videos:

Besides offering features that improve functionalities in your Facebook like app, you should also work on adding those that make it more interactive and fun to use. The latest ones introduced by Facebook are the 3D images and videos. 

A large number of users are on social media apps for entertainment and recreational purposes too. And, with newer gadgets making their way in the lives of people, a Facebook clone app that gives them a platform to share these photos and videos will surely gain popularity. 

This feature can also be used by businesses to present their products in a better, more interactive way.

So, Are you ready for your Facebook Clone?

These enlisted features are a sure-shot pathway to grab a lot of attention of users towards your brand new Facebook clone app. This is indeed a profitable venture and with the right strategy in place, you can be successful in the niche.

For implementing these wonderful ideas and making them a reality, get in touch with our experts in Facebook clone app development at Narola Infotech. We promise this journey would be a smooth ride for you.

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