Are you tired of reading about the same “unique” features to integrate into a dating app solution? Are you wondering if there are actually any unique features left?

We understand your predicament, so we scoured the internet to find out what we believe are features that are different and will encourage users to give your app a chance. There are three features that will be the game-changers in the coming years. A few dating apps are already using them on a trial basis but integrating them into one could revolutionize the dating industry. 

With a tech partner like Narola Infotech, you can easily make such an app using dating app development. In this article, we are going to discuss those three apps using those features and why they are important. 

Unique Features You Can Add to Your Dating App


Garbo – Making Background Checks Easier

The increase in the number of crimes on dating apps concerns many users. These days, they are more worried about meeting a scammer or someone who is already married rather than finding their dream partner. This frequent breach of trust has made users vary in dating app development solutions.


They are now looking for a dating app that is serious about the safety and security of its users. There are many features for in-app security. But what about when two people decide to meet? Many criminals behave decently online and strike when they meet their potential victims. People need a feature or a service to prevent this kind of situation. 

For this, there is a need for a dating app that will conduct a thorough background search and will prevent criminals from joining it in the first place.

Feature of Garbo

In this regard, Garbo, a non-profit organization, has found an efficient solution. It has created a web app that provides access to the criminal record (if any) of a person by entering minimal information about them. It provides the list of offenses against that person’s name. This web app could change the way the online dating industry conducts background checks.

The users can then use their discretion to decide whether they want to date that person or not depending on the severity of the crime. The web app also takes into consideration the lookback period as many people feel remorse and guilt for their crimes. That leads to them going through a personality change and trying to make a fresh start.

The web app still has some privacy issues and must regulate its working. No matter how useful this service is, there is a need for a healthy debate about the balance between security and privacy. The founder and CEO of Garbo, Kathryn Kosmides, herself refers to this as the ”great debate of the digital age”. 


You can hire dating app developers to make a similar kind of feature for your dating app. If you can launch this feature properly while addressing privacy concerns, your app will become the go-to dating space for everyone.

Jigsaw – Keeping Personality Over Looks

Another concern that users have is how superficial all dating apps are. With looks being the primary focus, many users feel insecure or, worse, get depressed when their date ghosts them. A lot of mental health issues have been associated with dating apps like anxiety, depression, loss of self-esteem, and so on.

Many users who are looking for a serious relationship wonder if there is a dating app solution that focuses on personality rather than looks. And there is a huge market for such users. If anyone succeeds in making an app like that, they will definitely witness a monumental growth of their business.


And there seems to be an app that has identified the potential of this niche! 

Feature of Jigsaw

Jigsaw is a dating app that prioritizes personality over looks using a unique feature. The frustration of users at being judged for their looks led to the creation of this app. In this, a digital jigsaw puzzle covers the profile picture of users. Users get matched on the basis of their personality and their profile image is revealed little by little as they send messages to each other.

So instead of a shallow experience, users get to know each other really well before their photo is revealed. 

This feature works with a dating apps of any niche. If you wish to target users looking for a serious and long-term relationship, this feature will work wonders.

NADA (Not Another Dating App) – The Anti-Ghosting App

While dating apps help many people find their life partner, for others, they are causing low self-confidence and depression. And the main problem these people are facing is ghosting. Out of nowhere, the person they are chatting with breaks all communication and disappears.


Feature of NADA

That has an adverse effect on the mental health of dating app users. To avoid this, the founder of NADA came up with a unique dating app solution. In this, users plan a date and post about it. Those who are interested can swipe to show they want to go. This will have two positive consequences.

  1. Only those people with similar interests will swipe on it. That means they won’t have to make an effort to break the ice as they will already have many things to talk about.
  2. When they meet up in person, they get a better idea of how compatible they both are. Accordingly, they can decide whether they want to continue the relationship or not.

With dating app development, you can offer this feature in the paid version of your app to increase your revenue and attract users at the same time. 


In Conclusion

Making a dating app that would disrupt the industry and emerge as the new winner is not tough. All you need are innovative ideas that will change the way people date online. Tinder has done it before, you can do it next. The above-mentioned features will act as a catalyst for that process. Moreover, you can use these features like they are or bring your own twist to them. The choice is yours.

Narola Infotech is an award-winning dating app development company that can help you in making such additions in whichever way you want. All you have to do is contact our experts, and we will schedule a call for discussion. Together, we will pave the way for your business success.

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