February 9, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


Every Uber like app is common these days, with many people using them daily. But just because they are common doesn’t mean everyone knows how to use them efficiently. The same applies to new Uber clone app drivers unfamiliar with being taxi drivers. New-Uber-Clone-App-Drivers-Should-Avoid-These-Mistakes1080

New Uber Clone App Drivers Should Avoid These Mistakes

Inadequate Route Knowledge

As an Uber like app owner, you need your drivers to perform well if you want to break even or make profits. Drivers must know their way around to ensure they take the fastest and closest route to the destination.  Failure to do so will result in longer ride times, more petrol expenditure, and possible chances of getting lost! All of which increase costs and can reduce ratings. 

Not Checking the Pickup Location Properly 

Not all drivers may be tech-savvy. As a result, reading the pick-up location on their map can be difficult. Also, non-local drivers may not know some common areas. All this can lead to problems.     Incorrectly reading the pick-up location will lead to increased waiting times for users. Apart from compromising your app ratings, it also affects user experience. Map directions are one of the best features of Uber and Lyft, and drivers should take advantage of them. 

Misjudging Petrol Levels

There is nothing worse than getting stranded. Therefore, drivers must take extra care to ensure they never run out of petrol. That requires them to use judgment.  Uber clone drivers must efficiently judge if their petrol is enough to take them to their destination. The driver must do that because it is their own vehicle, and nobody knows it better than themselves. 

Unspecified Rules

Occasionally, drivers may have to drive ill-behaved passengers. Depending on the passengers, the ride could result in problems for the driver. As a result, drivers have to enforce specific rules to avoid incurring ridiculous costs.  Specify rules that apply before passengers board. That especially applies if the passenger has a pet or a child boarding the ride with them. 

Undercharging For Messes 

Not all riders are clean or considerate, for that matter! Thus. new drivers should be aware of the costs of having a vehicle cleaned. Most times, charges may be negligible for a minor mess, but others may require a lot of cleaning up. Sometimes professional cleaning services are necessary.

Behaving In A Way That Affects Your Rating

New Uber clone app drivers need to be aware of their behavior's risks. Drivers must go above and beyond to make the ride pleasant for users. Failure to do this can earn your app a bad name.   Once users submit a few negative reviews, it is hard to overturn them and recover from the impact. 

Poor Vehicle Hygiene 

You will agree that all riders want to hop into a clean vehicle, not one that is cluttered and smelly. Well, this is where hygiene plays an important role. Not only will users give such drivers a poor review, but other users will also not want to ride with this driver.   If this happens more often, your pool of drivers could significantly decrease if several have poor ratings. As a result, fewer rides will be available, which could make users adopt another taxi booking app


New Uber drivers should avoid several mistakes to make sure they have high ratings. Having high ratings will be crucial to prevent affecting your Uber like app ratings. Therefore, you might want to make a training program about how to avoid these mistakes for new uber drivers. Looking for expert Uber clone app development services to ensure your app turns out the way you want it to? If so, get in touch with Narola Infotech today!

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