January 19, 2022

Dhruti Randeria


A majority of the public prefers to travel using an Uber like app. This could be because it is more cost-efficient or it is less stressful. Either way, the extensive use of cabs and taxi booking apps is not going to diminish any sooner!  You don’t have to think twice to notice that Uber clone app development provides a unique investment opportunity. 

Taxi Booking App Mechanism

Every taxi app has a method of carrying out its goal of transporting passengers to their desired locations. But, they all have a familiar approach and process which users must follow when booking a taxi.  Taxi-Booking-App-Mechanism

1. Rider Requests A Ride

The first step of the taxi app cycle is when a rider opens the app.  Decisions the user will have to make before booking a ride are:
    • Entering a destination 
    • Picking a vehicle
    • Choosing pickup location 
  After a rider selects these fields, the user can request a ride. During this phase, a ride estimation price should display. 

2. Confirmation Received From The App

Once riders place an order, the app confirms or cancels the ride. All orders are accepted immediately.  Cancelations occur only in some instances. Examples are unavailability of drivers, unspecific destination address, distance is too far. Sometimes bugs can cause immediate cancelations of orders.

3. Ride Is Assigned To Nearest Driver

After ride confirmation, the app will scout out the closest driver and give the order to him. All the while, details of the driver and car are provided to the rider. This then helps the rider to identify the driver, especially in instances of high traffic.  If you want to create an app like Uber, you must ensure enough drivers and vehicles are always on hand. 

4. Driver Picks Up Rider

An alert is sent to the rider when the driver arrives at the pickup location. Using a car registration number or phone call, the rider must find the driver. Once they have been acquainted, the rider must provide a four-digit code to confirm the right order.  Also, drivers will not start a ride without this code. It acts as a surety that the right driver has met the right rider, an extra measure of security and trackability. 

5. Ride Ends, Rider Makes Payment

When approaching the destination, a notification will be shown on the rider’s screen. This gives them some time to sort out payment at the end of the ride. 

6. Driver and Rider Leave Reviews 

After the journey, riders and drivers can leave a review based on the experience they had. If the experience was terrible, they can say so. It is honest reviews from riders that lead to the expulsion of misbehaving drivers. 

Features Required In A Uber Clone App

Every on-demand taxi booking app comes with a very similar set of features. These are all important for the functioning and performance of the application. These are a few requirements that every Uber clone app must contain. 

Simple UI/UX

A taxi booking app is an essential app and users would not call your app out for being too simple! You don’t have to go overboard trying to beautify your app as this often leads to losing track of goals. Instead, focus on functionality. Allow users to rapidly complete their tasks.  So, all you have to do is pick a clean UI that ensures users can navigate the app without difficulty. Adding a few appealing details will also go a long way in keeping your users coming back.  


Any Uber clone app and taxi app cannot function without this feature. Geolocation is what the app relies on to send drivers to the correct pickup location.  Without it, there would not be any way to pinpoint a pickup or dropoff location. This is especially true for countries and areas that do not have well-defined addresses.  A geolocation API is placed in the backend of your application to enable location while booking a ride. 

Customizable Notifications

Today, it is hard to think of an app that does not incorporate any notification in its system. The truth is notifications are a great feature to incorporate into a Uber-like app. It will come into great use when drivers need to contact riders and vice versa.  Notifications could help to alert passengers of ride arrival, order confirmations, and promotions. But also, an important part of notifications is providing a settings menu. From here, users should get the choice to turn selected notifications off or on.  That is, if notifications become too frequent, users will mute notifications and still use your app. 

Fare Estimation

Each app has its own fare estimation algorithm. But all of them use the same parameters (distance between pickup location and destination, car type, traffic, etc). The algorithm needs to estimate the fare instantly because prices are displayed prior to a ride.

Payment Solutions

Developing a taxi booking app requires you to appeal to the widest audience. When it comes to payment methods, not everyone uses the latest payment types like mobile wallets and so on. If you want to accommodate everyone, you have to integrate several payment methods.  Making sure each payment method works efficiently without compromising important payment details will be crucial to gaining trust. 


If you want to build an Uber clone app, you have to think carefully and visualize how you want the app to work. Missing out on a crucial step could lead to your model failing! Instead, you can assess the Uber app model to get a clear idea of what it takes to be successful.

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