October 31, 2022


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As a business leader, you must be brainstorming ideas to launch “the next BIG thing” that creates a buzz in the industry. Finding a technology that compliments your business/app idea is not a cakewalk. But that’s what we’re here for. Here, in this blog, let’s clear some murk around Ruby on Rails development services.

In this Blog,

  • Is ruby on rails dead?
  • What are the best projects to build with Ruby on Rails?
  • Are Industry leaders still using Ruby on Rails?

Despite a section of readers and experts predicting Ruby on Rails’ declining reign, it’s holding up tight to its position in the industry. Proof? Shopify, Airbnb, Dribble, Netflix, and many more. The success of these companies indicates that it’s one of the flexible frameworks that lets us create the most robust platforms for businesses like yours.

Ruby on Rails Development for Your Business

Ruby on Rails developer

Since its launch in the mid-90s, Ruby has been a popular, general-purpose programming language. Meanwhile, Rails is known for the extensive software library that enhances the capabilities of the Ruby language. Ruby on Rails is a robust backend framework for server-side programming. It brings together JavaScript, HTML, and CSS with Ruby to build reliable web applications. Ruby on Rails is one of the most suitable frameworks to build an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). While it’s one reason developers prefer Ruby on Rails,

Ruby on rails development services

Some of the major advantages of Ruby on Rails development include: 

  • It’s one of the most secure frameworks, protecting applications against cyber attacks.
  • Ruby on Rails is flexible with various plugins and modular design
  • It has a consistent structure and coding practices.
  • Developers can conduct automated testing for code snippets.
  • It’s a self-documenting framework that makes it easy for developers to work on ongoing projects.
  • Reduces cost and the overall time for development.
  • Ruby on Rails has an active, growing community of developers.
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Best Ruby on Rails Development Projects

We have shared enough about how beneficial Ruby on Rails development services can be. Let’s understand what type of projects are best curated using this framework.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Applications

Ruby on Rails is a bespoke framework for developing diligent CRM applications. And as always, there are reasons for it. When looking for reliable custom relationship management software, Ruby on Rails proves to be a cost-effective choice. Even when team members come and go or get shuffled up due to various reasons, it proves to be an efficient resource during and after development.

Since Ruby on Rails is versatile, it lets the developers add unique functionalities like behavior tracking components to your CRM application. Thus, it opens up more sophisticated ways for you to interact with your customers. It’s easier to build custom features with the extensive libraries and other tools that come with the framework. If needed, you can expand your application with more custom features in the future with less hassle.

Ruby on Rails development


When you are building Software-as-a-Service, it’s important to ensure that it works smoothly on all platforms and devices. For such software, Ruby on Rails provides a strong foundation. Basecamp is one of the best examples of SaaS that leveraged the benefit of Ruby on Rails development.

Basecamp is a popular tool that allows teams to communicate, manage projects, store files, organize them, and stay efficient. There are various interesting features that make this SaaS solution successful. The service provides a message board that makes it easier to give and get updates on respective projects without having to use an email. It also provides a to-do list to assign work and see status updates for them. Each project can be assigned to specific people. There’s also a chat room that’s called “campfire”.

Ruby on Rails development services can help in creating custom functionalities to develop granular reports, spreadsheets, graphs, and various other database requests. Because of the framework’s flexibility, you can experiment with various modules according to your business model and leverage its benefits.

eCommerce Applications

Ruby on Rails could be your key to building a robust eCommerce platform. With a strong database, one of the best examples of eCommerce platforms built with Ruby on Rails is Etsy. It’s been a platform featuring millions of merchants and users and connecting sellers of specially handmade products to the ones who might be interested in buying them.

Like one may expect from any eCommerce platform, Etsy lets the sellers upload product descriptions and pictures, offer shipment details, and receive payments from the buyers. The buyers can search, browse, and explore the products they wish. They can also create a shopping cart and post reviews for the purchased items.

Earlier, we shared the statistics and reports on how Shopify, the eCommerce industry giant has flourished over the years using Ruby on Rails. Take a look,
Ruby on Rails development.

To know more about the benefits of Ruby on Rails for eCommerce development,

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Social Media Applications

If you are planning to build social media platforms like Goodreads, seeking custom RoR development services will be a great decision. Goodreads is a social platform like Facebook that connects enthusiastic readers. It lets the users review books they’ve read, read, like, and comment on others’ reviews and also create a “to-read” list.
There are many other features offered by this platform like easy integration with Amazon’s Kindle and setting or tracking reading goals. One of the most popular social media sites, Twitter, was also built using a combination of Ruby on Rails and JQuery.

Online Marketplaces

Certainly, like eCommerce platforms, online marketplaces are developed well with Ruby on Rails. Airbnb is one of the best examples of the same. This application aims at connecting travelers with hosts who have rental spaces. Airbnb has offered a more convenient, comfortable, and less expensive way of finding suitable hotel stays.

The platform allows the hosts to upload pictures, descriptions, and other information that travelers might need. Ruby on Rails brings smooth performance out of competent functionalities making Airbnb one of the favorite platforms for hotel bookings among millions of users.

You can also rely on this framework for building a robust online marketplace with a reliable Ruby on Rails development company like Narola Infotech.

Open Source Repository

One of the best examples of an open-source repository is GitHub. It’s the most popular developers’ hub with millions of users. It’s a platform where software engineers connect, receive, and post answers to questions they might have regarding development projects. It has a database that monitors and connects background data. Ruby on Rails is a great choice for such projects.

Streaming Media

Ruby on Rails can be used for creating media streaming apps like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. Earlier Hulu, one of the streaming apps in the U.S., was developed using this framework. Although it was later rewritten, Ruby on Rails is still used for the backend of the platform resulting in uninterrupted functionality.

Hire RoR Developers For Your Next Project

Unlike the misconceptions, the Ruby on Rails framework can be used for creating some of the best-performing applications. However, to make sure that all the positive aspects of this framework are used for your project, it’s essential to find a diligent development partner.
ruby on rails services company

For more guidance on how to choose and hire the best developers, 

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Narola Infotech is a thriving team of 350+ enthusiastic experts. Over the last 17+ years, we have offered our best efforts to more than 3000 successful projects. You can trust our Ruby on rails development services for your business and long-term goals. For more details or queries, feel free to reach out.

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