February 1, 2021

Leena Sanap


There is no doubt about the dominance of content in digital marketing. It leads single-handedly. But, here we need to discuss the types of content available and which among them make a greater impact on the audience and satisfy the bots of the search engines. Well, if we go in deep, we can have numerous kinds of content to talk about but before going to depth, let’s learn about the two most obvious categories of the content, curated content and original.

Curated Content

Curated content is the one that is inspired by content that is already available online. However, it can be formed with the help of more than one but the basic idea is ‘it is inspired’. For example – You are writing on mobile application development and there are a hundred thousand pages under the same head over the web. Now, if you a writing content just by changing the words of already written content, it is considered curated content. Most of the people find it easy to do it and hence, prefer it over other forms.

Original Content

Online content is the one that is not inspired from any source through the writer may have referred to a few websites but has not taken anything from them except the key information. For example – if you are writing on software application development and you have taken the core information from some website and put them in your own words, context, format, and idea, then the content is said to be original. Original content has less availability in the market as it is more time-consuming and difficult.

The Difference

The difference between both these form of content is – curated use the exact information on the other website and present the same with just a twist of words, whereas original just take the fact information from the other source and present it in a different manner with a touch of own knowledge, ideas, and theory. However, both form is legal and search engine work pretty well with both but original content always has an upper hand over the curated one. However, a curated one may get a huge response at the initial level but original content survives longer and makes a greater impact.

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