August 9, 2022

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The software industry has modernized in recent times and is highly influenced by Artificial Intelligence and JavaScript language. The demand for full-stack developers is also set to boom in the years to come. A custom NodeJS web development company is also a part of this upcoming trend. For example, we, Narola Infotech, ensure that we keep up with the trends in the software development industry and provide software servicing solutions to our clients accordingly.

The popularity of NodeJS is skyrocketing. It is a framework composed of tiny modules called helpers, libraries, and multiple tools. These help a NodeJS development company create as well as operate web applications of better quality and UX. NodeJS is capable of generating a solid foundation for you to continue building your online presence. 

Several research studies have proven that NodeJS can rule the year 2023.  Moreover, It has shown tremendous yet continuous growth in the software industry, making it a trusted and reliable preference of most software developers.

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NodeJS Trends To Watch Out For In The Year 2023!

NodeJS has several multitudes expected to recreate a significant role in the software development industry in 2023. We at Narola Infotech are a group of dedicated and skilled software developers who are well equipped with the use and implementation of NodeJS and the trends that follow. Read on to know what these trends are!

1. GraphQL

Several stats recorded by Shopify and Facebook suggest that GraphQL is set to grow beyond its stature in 2023 and at a much-accelerated pace.

GraphQL is a software development tool that efficiently and effectively streamlines multiple data sources. It also aids the developers by simplifying the workflow on several platforms. NodeJS developers can also create API calls with queries and schemas. Furthermore, they can also develop resolvers if there are precise data conditions. 

2. Serverless Solutions That Are Hardware Free

NodeJS has the caliber to eliminate server maintenance and hardware factors. When these factors are eliminated, the burden on performance deciding factors reduces. 

Furthermore, the elimination also helps reduce cost and saves time for NodeJS developers. Even the organization that uses the NodeJS development services benefits from them.

Additionally, Studies have shown that this feature has shown drastic improvements in project quality, has also offered reduced rates, and catalyzed the efficient usage of codes for software and NodeJS developers.

Benefits of Serverless Architecture - NodeJS development company

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3. Microservices

NodeJS provides the NodeJS developers with a feature called microservices. Microservices help in increasing the maintenance of all lines of code. Moreover, It provides a layer of support to a serverless architecture. Smaller projects may not see the effectiveness of microservices, but they make a tremendous difference in larger projects. 

4. Scalability

With NodeJS, you will face no issues scaling the applications. It can affect and create a significant impact on the scalability as well as the speed of execution of the project.  However, a significant benefit that NodeJS provides is that if a part of the code is affected, it does not hamper the rest. Thus, a NodeJS developer will only have to change the lines of code for the part that is affected instead of changing the entire coding structure.

5. Reusability

The NodeJS framework offers reusability. It also reduces logic replication and you can use it for multiple applications of different nature. Hence, NodeJS app development is ruling the software industry. 

6. Use in IoT

NodeJS finds excellent usage in geo-distributed systems that require real-time features and tracking. Besides, NodeJS allows software developers to implement microservices, data-centric approaches, and real-time monitoring capabilities. hence,  these integration capabilities make NodeJS a good fit for building IoT applications.

7. Cloud Solutions

NodeJS can be deployed to build a cloud app from scratch and scale the existing set of apps based on the cloud. It is also deployed to enhance the efficiency and performance of these apps. Its serverless architecture offers this cloud-based benefit.

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What Makes NodeJS Promising for the Year 2023?

The following are why NodeJS seems to be a promising software development tool for the year 2023. 

  1. It provides a simplified application consisting of multiple features for vertical and horizontal portions. 
  2. NodeJS has a very high demand in the software industry. 
  3. It is also easy to understand and interpret. 
  4. NodeJS allows its developers to work on the server-side of the application and the client-side of the application simultaneously. 
  5. This technology is currently the most advanced full-stack software development framework in the industry. 
  6. Google V8 powers NodeJS, which explains the reason behind its excellent performance. 
  7. NodeJS is the hot favorite of several companies and has a vast community that supports it. 
Reasons Why You Must Consider Switching to NodeJS if You Haven’t Already! - NodeJS development company

Whether an established company or a startup, some key pointers will make it crystal clear that you must switch to NodeJS if you haven’t already. Custom NodeJS development services are widely preferred for the following features that they offer:

1. Easy to Learn

NodeJS is no rocket science and is also relatively easy to grasp if you have a good understanding of Java and Object-Oriented Programming.

2. Offers a Faster Time to Market

NodeJS plays a very crucial role in cutting the time required to put your application into the market.

3. NodeJS Does Not Complicate Things

NodeJS also eliminates the hassle of switching back and forth between the front-end and back-end interfaces.

4. Scalability

Besides, Scalability is at the core of NodeJS. It is also capable of handling a bunch of simultaneous or concurrent connections.

Hire an Expert!

For all your JavaScript needs, hire NodeJS developers from Narola Infotech. Our NodeJS web development services offer end-to-end services and provide technical advisory from skilled NodeJS developers.

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Summing it up

NodeJS has become the obvious choice for companies irrespective of their size. Here is a checklist to summarize the reasons why companies are switching to NodeJS.

  1. NodeJS offers excellent and efficient performance. 
  2. The technology offers easy development performance. 
  3. NodeJS provides reusability of code lines. 
  4. It has the proven ability to handle multiple requests simultaneously. 
  5. NodeJS offers easy scalability, and the transition is smooth. 
  6. It provides promptness in code execution.
  7. NodeJS is also event-driven and asynchronous.
  8. Several biggies opt for NodeJS
  9. NodeJS offers top-notch prototype abilities. 
  10. It also has a huge pool of talent and provides amazing job opportunities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are NodeJS and its usage?

NodeJS is an event-driven software development tool. Developers use it for web application development due to its commendable features, such as its non-blocking and single-threaded nature. In other words, NodeJS app development is a more efficient way to develop web applications. 

Is NodeJS front-end or back-end?

NodeJS is a great choice for both front-end and back-end web application development.

Are any big brands using NodeJS?

Yes, NodeJS is the first choice of both start-ups and well-established. Some of the big brands that use NodeJS are Netflix, Uber, PayPal, eBay, Medium, etc.


Looking at these latest trends, it is also evident that NodeJS has a flourishing future. Hence. If you also want to create an app for growth and sustainability, consider these trends. When you hire NodeJS developers, make sure they are aware of the industry updates and trends.

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