January 29, 2021


Leena Sanap


On-demand video streaming apps are perhaps the most favorite mode of entertainment for people all over the world. With internet connections reaching almost every nook and corner and even the most remote of places, on-demand streaming services, tv shows, and movies have become extremely popular.

People today live a dynamic life and more often they seek ways in which they can entertain themselves any time, anywhere. Bygone are the days when people would sit waiting for tv series to be broadcasted every day. It is an era of mobile apps.

The best part of using video streaming apps for customers is that they can quickly watch an episode, a video, etc. while they are on a commute, or taking a break during work. Ask anyone today to chose what they would prefer between an Amazon prime video, Netflix, and Hulu TV subscription. Well, the answer would most certainly be the former two video streaming services.

It is not just about convenience. There are many more lucrative features that make people incline towards On-Demand Video Streaming Apps. So, if you want to endeavor your next investment in video streaming apps that offer original content and all the latest video content, here are some features that you must definitely think of including.

Must-Have Features in On-Demand Video Streaming Apps

1. Allow Comments on Live Video Streaming

The concept of watching high-quality videos has revolutionized with live streaming where celebrities, social media influencers, VIPs from all strata of society make efforts to reach out to their audiences directly. It has become the most sought-after feature in any video streaming app.

This particular live comments feature makes the host’s live sessions very interactive and interesting. It engages more users and gives the audience a superior experience of one-to-one interaction no matter how far-fetched the celebrity/public figure might seem. You can also offer a functionality wherein such live-streamed videos can be recorded and uploaded for further viewership of users.

2. Offer personalization

Facilitate your users with the “Add to favorites” feature. Due to this they can create a list of videos they would like to get back to or they like rewatching. It saves their time and also assures them that by using your video streaming app they can always save the videos they enjoy and nothing is lost.

Introduce features like parental control which helps users to share the app usage with their kids at ease. They can easily monitor what they are watching and trust your app completely.

As a part of personalization, you can make provision for them to watch videos on a bigger screen by casting options. It engages more users as they can enjoy video streaming with their family and friends that too at great streaming quality.

Giving users multi-platform support like options to view the videos on tablets, desktops, PCs, mobile phones, projectors, etc. can be a KPI of your streaming videos demand service.

3. Active Notifications:

A very important feature of your Video Streaming App must be instant notifications to your users so they never miss another video from their favorite accounts. Moreover, you can also use the pop-up and push notification features to let the users know in advance about any new upcoming exciting video streams on the basis of their field of interest and browsing history.

The video streaming app should also allow users to filter out the most relevant content of their choice and receive notifications for the same based on their browsing behavior. Also, let the users download videos of their liking with good video quality so they can view them on their mobile phones whenever they want.

4. Social Media Integration:

We live in an era where everything is influenced by social media. Whether it is food, fashion, or entertainment. Moreover, it is a great way to propagate your video streaming app and encourage them to use it. It is a form of free publicity that must definitely be monetized.

You can introduce options like sharing the videos via Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. by integrating their accounts with your app.

5. Feedback:

It is very important to give the users a free space to voice their opinion. By making comments, likes, shares, subscribe options, not only do the content creators get a boost and validation, it involves catching the attention of other users who are looking fr some quality content. It helps you to give the best results of their searches as the most-watched and trending videos can be easily known.

It is extremely important that you preserve the security, privacy, and integrity of all your users. At no point should the content whether in the form of videos or text feedbacks be abusive, derogatory, or hurtful to any segment of the audience?

6. Role-based App access:

There have to be separate dashboards, payment plans, free trials, features, etc. for different kinds of users.

This means that if the user is a content creator, then you must offer better options like analytics of how many people have viewed, reacted, the video has reached, editing/uploading options, loyalty programs, subscriptions, etc.

On the other hand for users who are here to consume content on your video streaming app, are more interested in your UI/UX, streaming quality, bitrate, free viewership, etc. So, these are the things that must be taken maximum care of.

Parting Words:

There is no doubt in the fact that making an investment in an on-demand video streaming app development is the best decision right now. The audience is evolving, open, and partially trained in these new modes of entertainment. They are in a welcoming phase.

So, if you have a unique idea for a video streaming app, approach an expert and reliable team like those at Narola Infotech who have years of experience in creating customized, unique and out-of-the-box software products and mobile apps. We are well-known to bring our client’s ideas to life. So, Contact me Today!

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