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ReactJS has truly taken the tech world by storm with over 220,000 live websites already using its power. And when you see big names like Apple, Netflix, and Paypal hopping on the ReactJS bandwagon, it's no surprise that you might be curious as to what all the fuss is about.

Of course,

The better question is…

What's the secret sauce behind ReactJS that has led to its widespread adoption by businesses and global brands? What are the key benefits that have everyone opting for this technology? In other words, what's all the hype about React JS? 

Before we get into why ReactJS development is so popular, let's first see what it is

React: The Award-Winning Framework of Choice
React: The Award-Winning Framework of Choice

Source: Builtwith

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library that is created by Facebook. It is an efficient and flexible open-source JavaScript framework for creating simple, quick, and scalable front-ends of web apps.

Now let's explore some common myths about ReactJS development and the truth behind them.

Separating Fact from Fiction: 5 Myths About ReactJS Development

Myth #1: ReactJS is Only for Large-Scale Projects

One of the biggest misconceptions about ReactJS is that it is only best for large-scale projects. However, ReactJS can be used for projects of all sizes. The reusability of components in ReactJS makes it easy to create apps of any size.

Myth #2: ReactJS is Only for Web Development

While ReactJS was initially created for web development, it has evolved to become a popular choice for mobile app development as well. React Native, a mobile app development framework built on top of ReactJS, allows developers to build native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms using a single codebase.

Myth #3: ReactJS is Difficult to Learn

ReactJS has a reputation for being difficult to learn, but this is not entirely true. ReactJS has a simple and intuitive syntax that is easy to understand. There are also many resources available online, including tutorials, documentation, and online courses, that can help developers learn ReactJS quickly and easily.

Myth #4: ReactJS is Slow

ReactJS uses a virtual DOM, which allows for faster updates and improved performance. In fact, ReactJS is known for its high performance and speed, which makes it an ideal choice for developing high-performance web and mobile apps.

Myth #5: ReactJS is Only for Front-End Development

While ReactJS is primarily used for front-end development, it can also be used for back-end development. ReactJS can be integrated with Node.js to build full-stack applications, making it a versatile choice for developers.

Now that we have busted these myths for you, Let's take a closer look at why ReactJS is gaining popularity now and is set to become even more popular in the future.

Why ReactJS Development is Popular?

Developer Toolset

Learning new technology and applying it to real-world tasks can be both entertaining and helpful, but only if done right. Facebook recognizes this, which is why their React JS framework now includes much-needed React dev tools and Chrome dev tools.

These React tools primarily aid every React developer in locating child and parent components, observing component hierarchies, and inspecting the current state and properties of components.

Helps in Building Rich Interface

In today's world, the quality of an application's user interface is critical. If the user interface is badly designed, an application's chances of success are reduced. However, if an app has a high-quality user interface, there's a higher likelihood that your consumers will enjoy using it. 

As a result, creating rich user interfaces is almost a need for an app to survive and grow. The good news is that React's declarative components enable us to create such high-quality user interfaces.

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Creates Custom Components

React includes JSX, an optional syntax extension that allows you to create your own components. These components essentially allow HTML language and make all subcomponent rendering a possibility.

JSX has already been used for developing custom components, constructing high-volume apps, and turning HTML mockups into ReactElement trees.

Increases Developers’ Productivity

When an app has complicated logic and a single change in one component could have a significant impact on other components, frequent updates can become very frustrating for developers.  However, Facebook has bolstered React with the component reusability functionality to tackle this issue.

React's component reusability allows a Reactjs developer to reuse the same digital objects. And the procedure to do that is quite easy too. For example, developers can start with simple components like buttons, text fields, and checkboxes and work their way up to wrapper components, which are then carried forward to the root component.

Since each component in React has its own internal logic, which is easy to alter, this method essentially enables better code maintenance and growth.Additonally it increases app's efficiency.

Virtual DOM

When developing a complicated app, it's critical to specify the app's structure from the start because it might affect the app's performance.

To put it another way, the DOM model is a hierarchical representation of an HTML & XML document. As a result, a little change at a higher level layer might have a significant influence on an application's user interface. Facebook has created a virtual DOM functionality to address this issue.

As the name implies, virtual DOM is a virtual representation of DOM that allows developers to test any changes to the virtual DOM first and assess risks associated with each change. As a consequence, this method aids in the maintenance of excellent app performance and ensures a better user experience.

Code Stability

React utilizes downward data flow to make sure that modifications to the child structure have no impact on the parent structure.

As a result, anytime developers make changes to an object, all they have to do is edit its states and make the necessary modifications. Only a single component will be changed in this manner.

As a result of this data flow and structure, the application's code is more stable and runs more smoothly.


One of the most well-known aspects of React is its ability to make use of SEO benefits. By implementing React, businesses can substantially reduce website load speeds and begin ranking higher in search engines. It's all due to React's emphasis on rendering speed.

Since React allows you to use the same code for both the client and server sides of web apps, you can save time and money. This means that any website that uses React has an instant performance advantage, making it more appealing to both users and crawlers.

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Easy Testing

One of the things that make React arguably the best is how easy it is to test React-based projects. This is because views are considered as functions of a certain state in React. As a result, React developers and testing engineers can work closely together to change any states that are passed over React View.

The development team has complete control over the code's output, including all functions, events, & actions. Then they can quickly determine whether the app is performing as planned and, if not, select the area to focus on.

Strong Community Support

One of the primary reasons to use React JS in your project is because of its robust community support. A huge number of individual React developers contribute to making React a better front-end framework every day.

Experts also routinely releases free tutorials on YouTube of React and React Native. They are also writing detailed React informative articles and blogs on the internet.

Beside, React professionals answer questions on QA sites like Stack Overflow & Quora. It ensures that if developers ever get stuck while using React, they can always rely on expert advice.

The Framework War Continues - Will ReactJS Hold The Crown In 2023?

React has shown a lot of potentials to become one of the most popular technologies in application development. Today, we can surely state that it has surpassed our expectations. React has had an incredible influence on front-end development. Netflix, Instagram, Tesla, and many others are using ReactJS.

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