January 10, 2022

Rohit Rawat


Brands use social media platforms today as a means to promote their products. There are 25 million business accounts on Instagram. That has made the platform focus on providing businesses with the best marketing tools.  Over the years, Instagram has introduced many features that give freedom of content creation. Those features have been readily used by brands to showcase their products in the most creative ways. More marketers mean more earning from the ad revenue. If you want to attract marketers to your app like Instagram, make sure you read this article till the end. In this article, we will discuss features that you incorporate to pull more marketers toward your app.

Instagram Clone Features to Attract Marketers to Your App

1. Filters

The photo filters on Instagram are crucial to the platform's success. It makes anyone feel like a professional photographer. Each filter offers a unique appearance and feel. That allows marketers to choose the one that best reflects their business.  Businesses like to maintain the consistency of their brand image. Filters enable them to do so. Also, it helps the followers of a particular business to identify them with their content. Adding this feature to your  Instagram clone app will attract marketers and content creators alike. Since filters allow businesses to create a signature look, it will be one of the most used features of the app.

2. Video Posts

Video is a wonderful way to generate engagement. It also allows marketers to offer more sophisticated content that single images or stories cannot deliver. Originally, the length of video posts was 15 seconds. Now, businesses can post long-form, high-production-value videos of up to one minute in length. This has resulted in a high level of engagement.  Marketers can also schedule videos using third-party apps like normal Instagram posts. Businesses will appreciate the video feature of your app like Instagram. That is because it will give them the option to make creative content for their audience. This freedom will attract more businesses and marketers to your app.

3. Instagram Stories

Instagram has benefited from the advent of Stories feature. Businesses are increasingly seeking solutions to improve interaction with their brands. Stories allow them to do that without making large investments in creative content. This feature will be a great addition to your Instagram clone app. Stories are particularly beneficial for marketing objectives when showcasing new products or launches, promotions, etc. Offering Stories-only prizes and promotions is a terrific approach to get more people to follow businesses on Instagram. Since stories disappear after 24 hours, it will let marketers make them more enjoyable. 

4. Stories Highlights

Instagram Stories are a fantastic tool, but they only lasts for 24 hours. The Stories' impermanence is what made them so popular and exciting. But many users have shown interest in saving some of their favorite stories for later usage. The same is the case with marketers. As a result, Instagram came up with the Stories Highlights feature.  This allows users to store their favorite stories and keep them for as long as they wish. Instagram stores Stories Highlights at the top of your profile page. That makes them visible to followers and everyone else who views an Instagram profile. Adding this feature to your app like Instagram will provide different ways for marketers to connect with their audience. They can use stories to promote their business, provide information about it, or highlight certain items or events.  Stories with quizzes are also a wonderful way to educate the audience about the business. It also gives you an idea of how many people connect with your brand, are willing to engage, and what is it that they do not know. It can be a significant tool in brand marketing. At the same time, marketers can collect data based on their preferences.

5. Stickers and Quizzes

As Instagram keeps adding new features to Stories, it becomes more professional and sophisticated. Stickers are one of the most frequently utilized Stories tools. These features range from emoji sliders to polls and GIFs. It can help marketers communicate with their audience in interesting ways and enhance engagement. Since these are simple ways for users to interact and also do not take up much of their time, they prove to be highly effective. Providing interactive ways to marketers to create stories is bound to increase engagement. The increased engagement will improve the brand image of your Instagram clone app. That will attract more businesses to your app.

6. Instagram Stories Videos

Video on Instagram Stories can be quite entertaining. It is a great way to increase engagement, brand visibility, and website traffic. Instagram Stories videos are only 15 seconds long. But Instagram eventually enabled the video to continue into the following clip after 15 seconds.  This gave way to many more possible applications. Marketers use it to create entertaining and promotional material consistent with the brand's tone and style. You can consider adding this feature to your app like Instagram. Businesses will be able to produce branded stories that have the same color, tone, style, and structure. Providing story templates is another way to offer convenience to marketers.

7. Instagram Live

Since its launch, Instagram Live has been a component of Stories. Companies and marketers have embraced it with zeal to generate buzz around their products. Users get a feeling of urgency to view the live broadcast before it vanishes because of its temporary nature.  Brands can offer promotions, discounts, or giveaways during the live broadcast. But they need to market it beforehand with short clips or posts to prompt their followers to watch. Instagram Live is a fantastic way for brands to reach potential clients. They can invite followers to submit questions about the topic ahead of time.  To collect questions, they can use the "Ask me anything" feature of Stories. Content creators and marketers can then respond to them in real-time. The followers will appreciate the mention and the real-time conversation will increase brand awareness.  Overall, if you add this feature to your Instagram clone app, both your brand and its followers will be happy.


Instagram TV is one of the most intriguing additions to Instagram's features. IGTV is an entirely new channel for brands to develop their following and enhance interaction. Instagram launched it as its first independent video platform.  Businesses must first create an IGTV channel before adding an IGTV video. This process is quite simple. They need to link their Instagram account to the new account.  It's ideal for advertising services, making product tutorials, and delivering news for marketing. This feature could be a big game-changer for your app like Instagram. Marketers will now have an option to switch over from YouTube to a platform where they already have a decent following.

In Conclusion

Each of the above-mentioned features has enormous marketing potential. Combining them and having them work together will generate the best results for a business. So, it is advisable to incorporate all these features into your app. This will make your Instagram clone app one of the best social media platforms for marketers. Our Instagram clone app development company is highly experienced in making social media apps. We can add any feature that you feel fits into your vision for your app. Our ultimate goal is the success of your app. Book an appointment with us today to discuss the development process.

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