January 22, 2021

Leena Sanap


Check the Top 5 Mobile Apps for this Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is around the corner and couples may be looking ahead to treat each other in a special yet unique way. From flowers to gifts, from candlelight dinner to a beach trip and from couple dance under the moon to long drive along the highway, everything has become quite old and do not look pleasing as they use to look before. Thus, if you are planning to do something new this valentine’s day, then you can take the help of these five mobile applications designed to raise the love bar between the couples. Have a look at them:

Loving Couple Essential – Top 5 Mobile Apps for this Valentine’s Day

This mobile app development stands for true care as with the help of it, you can take care of your significant other in a charming way. The app enables you to send the message secretly to your partner, and you also get to know when they are sleeping. You can also wake them with the help of an alarm and do many more things with the help of its unique features. It also tells you when your partner is in the period. Thus, you can take extra care during that time.


It is a lovely app and highly meant for the new age lovers. Apart from allowing the exchange of private messages, it also enables you to send wishes and love letters in an amazing way. The application also helps you in creating your story and syncing the calendar with the important dates. It has a unique feature called wish box in which you can list down the things that you wish to do together.


This application is purely meant to increase the feeling of being in love. It allows you to record your relationship story. With the help of shared homepage and timeline. You can also add photos and videos. It allows you to chat in private. It also helps you in locating your partner. You can also set reminders of the important dates in this app.


Apart from having common features like, sending messages, voicemails, memos, photos, and videos in private, it records all the things that happened between you and your significant other since the day you met. You can cherish all those moments by looking at them in your timeline. It can also help you comment on each other’s photos, videos, and memos. It helps in strengthening the relationship with your memories.


It is a cute app developed for Android phones for couples. The app has amazing features that make you feel collywobbles. It has a wide range of stickers. You can customize them as per your creativity. Also, you can draw anything on your own. You can then send it to your partner. Not only this, it allows you to send private photos which will disappear after a set range of time. The most lovely feature in the app is thumb kiss, it vibrates the phones on both the sides when that spot is touched with the thumb.

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