January 23, 2021


Leena Sanap


iOS 12 is the next baton holder of the iOS sprint. The people, as usual, are expecting a great array of features and upgrades from this upcoming version. The beta version of iOS 12 for developers was released in the early week of June. Apple will release a similar version for the public in the last week of the same month. However, the official iOS 12 will be released somewhere around September. Here, we have come up with the most probable list of 4 top iOS 12 features.

The best feature of ARkit2 is Measure. Using this feature, you can capture a real-life object through your phone camera and can get to know about its height and width. Also, AR features will now be enabled in NewsApp, which means you can Zoom into the objects and can see it in 3D.

Improved Maps

Apple has learned the hard lesson with Map app. Thus, it has now decided not to rely on third parties app to make the app better. It will now use its own vans to make the map app works the best. Also, it will enroll human editors for putting up the data and also, will take the help from iPhone image sections.

Because of the dependence on the third party app, it takes a long time in the Apple Map app to update the changes. Therefore, it annoys a lot of people.


The iOS photo app is the best in the industry. However, Apple has decided to make the iOS application even better. Thus, this time when you will search for a photo you will have more suggestion in the categories. Also, it has made the photo app much started as it will give make a guess about the photo, you want to share with your friends and families. Not only this, but it will also provide you with a notification about the photo taken in a recent event in case if you want to share them.


Siri will now have a new feature called shortcut. Using this feature, you can add Siri to any feature of that particular applications. The app will have an icon above which will ask for Add to Siri. Thus next time, if you want to order some grocery from an app, you just need to use Siri command and say – ‘order my usual grocery’ and it will be done.

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