Last Updated: October 19, 2023


Leena Sanap


What makes addictive games habitual to play? In the first place, they have a tendency to be games that you can play rapidly with normal controls. At the same time, it’s still shockingly hard to get a good score. We’ve seen a huge number of extraordinary addictive games throughout the years. A lot of efforts go in the development of games. Games fall into various categories. They can be classified into adventure, quiz, puzzle, action, etc. Generally speaking their main aim is to provide recreation. How about we investigate the most addictive android games at this moment? There are a number of contenders for it. Obviously, a considerable measure of this is simply subjective. If your most loved addictive game isn’t on this rundown, enlighten us regarding it in the remarks!

We have provided a link to all the best 4 addictive games. You can click on the link to go to the Google Play page and download the games directly. is one of the most Addictive Android Games burst on to the scene in 2015 and got to be distinctly a standout amongst the most well-known games on the planet. Why? We’re not beyond any doubt that you’ll invest hours squandering time and energy in this game. You should understand that whatever you do is skim around. It is a bit of chart paper attempt to swallow different players. As a player, your employment is to play as a hover as you attempt to eat different players and get to be distinctly bigger while abstain from being eaten yourself. There is a wide range of Easter eggs to get exceptional circles and it’s a simple approach to lose a whole evening before you understand it. It is also a well developed mobile app.

Crossy Road

Crossy Road is this current generation’s Frogger. You play as a pixelated chicken as you attempt to cross the road, river, or whatever else gets in your direction. The game is done up in beguiling 8-bit style illustrations yet at the same time figures out how to look better than average. The game likewise accompanies Google Play Games services, cloud sparing, and accomplishments alongside Android TV support. It’s a huge amount of fun, it never closes, and there are a huge amount of characters that you can unlock.


QuizUp is a free test game where you confront against other individuals in live tests to see who knows the most. Every question you get a score in view of being correct and how quick you could answer the question. There are a huge amount of classifications and the online segment dependably worked truly well for us. You can likewise include companions and test them at whatever point you need. It’s completely free. In the event that this isn’t some tea, we’ve likewise heard great things about Trivia Crack.


PAC-MAN 256 is a hybrid game that joins the test of Pacman with an infinite runner idea so you never need to quit playing. You manage your standard issues like apparitions. The exception is to continue ahead or a glitch in the framework will destroy you. You’ll likewise have powers that you can work with to make things somewhat simpler for you. It likewise accompanies shrouded Easter eggs and controller support so you can play it on Android TV. Enjoy this game app created for Android.

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