December 28, 2021

Ifrah Khan


PHP has been in the spotlight in the programming language world for the last 25 years. It was first developed on 8th June 1995. The growth of PHP has constantly been rising. It has gained tremendous popularity in all these years. PHP has been of help in building commercial web solutions. PHP offers power, stability, profitability, and a lot more things. The benefits of using PHP are a lot as it has so many frameworks built on it. It has proved its efficiency and excellence with every new release in the functional domain. Only technological advancements have not brought PHP to this stage.  World’s top businesses have chosen PHP for their successful operation of websites from time to time. Huge performance graph, a wide number of visits, and successful results have brought many large networks under PHP. We will check out some of the top websites that have set examples for others. Briefing out what is PHP and how it runs:
    • PHP is the acronym for ‘Hypertext Processor.’
    • It can be used from small to large industrial applications. It exists as an open-source scripting language.
    • The scripts of PHP are directly executed on the server end
    • PHP compilers and extensions can be downloaded and used free of cost.

Key Functions of PHP

PHP is a powerful language that can perform the following functions effortlessly:
    • Encrypt sensitive User data
    • Generate dynamic page content with easy update options
    • Use for controlling the users’ access
    • Can collect form data
    • Open, read, write, create, and terminate files on any server.

Websites Based On Php That Set Examples

For 25 years PHP has been serving many world famous websites. From Facebook to Wikipedia and a lot more popular websites are based on PHP. Let’s check them out.

1. Yahoo

Yahoo is one of the most common and popular internet portal among many people. It is still considered one of the most reputed and busiest websites around the globe. Yahoo has more than 627 million different types of visitors monthly. The critical part is a massive part of this big website. Yahoo is built with PHP, including other languages and technologies.

2. Facebook

Everyone’s favorite social media ruler is Facebook. It is what connects people the most. Facebook is built on PHP web development. This social media platform is supplied by one of the best technology elements by PHP. Facebook serves vast content for millions of users every 24 hrs. To date, Facebook is the most popular website based on PHP development.

3. Wikipedia

If you think PHP is where the most reliable data source on the internet is made, you are right. PHP programmers have developed the most trusted website, Wikipedia. Wikipedia, as you know, is the perfect source of information available on the internet.  A considerable amount of content is backed up by none other than a PHP development Company. Wikipedia has a lot of recognition, awards, and more for its efficient performance being a reliable information source. The backbone of all this has been PHP.

4. Flickr

Flickr is the most-talked-about website when it comes to sharing photos. It is the busiest photo-sharing website in the world which hosts over 5 billion images. PHP is the power bank of this huge website. A PHP Website Development Company can help you achieve the best results in minimum time.

5. WordPress

You must have heard about the famous blogging and content-creation site of the present time. Yes, it is none other than WordPress. PHP and MySQL web development and JavaScript experts have created the most famous CMS facility around the globe. WordPress manages to utilize the best and most innovative features of PHP.

6. Friendster

Friendster was launched back in 2003. It is one of the most successful social networking websites that has been present for ages. PHP is the backbone of this successful website. Friendster has acquired over 50 million users and reached an Alexa rank of 16,443, making itself the best reigning technology.

7. Digg

The next on the list of websites based on PHP is Digg. It is very famous among social network marketers. A few years back, Digg was used as a social bookmarking website. It is built and powered by PHP web development services. Digg is known as one of the best addressed user-driven social content websites.  With passing years, PHP websites have reached great fame and popularity and brought exciting features to the market.

8. iStockPhoto

iStockPhoto is one of the buzzing websites present currently. It is not easy to purchase a premium photo for free on the internet. iStockPhoto library has brought that for you. The owner of iStockPhoto is Getty Images. This website is the perfect example of people-oriented web technology. It is also an excellent platform for graphic designers.

9. Tumblr

You must have heard about Tumblr a number of times. It is the community that has the maximum number of blogs and visitors. The increased performance had been a savior when Tumblr had moved to PHP7. PHP has been of enormous benefit to Tumblr in the long run. The website has features like languages that can now be implemented, like return type declarations and scalar type.

10. Etsy

Etsy is a retail website with more than 45.8 million active buyers worldwide. This retail website uses the benefits of PHP. It is one of the large e-commerce websites built on PHP. It is a great example and a strong standard of how competitive brands can use PHP for considerable support. It is one of the largest e-commerce websites built on PHP.  A lot of research and documentation is going on for the website to enhance the performance. 

In Conclusion:

PHP has been ruling the market for a long time. Apart from these top 10 PHP-based websites, other websites like SourceForge, Slack, MailChimp, etc., have profited from the benefits of using PHP.  It is the secret behind many websites’ flourishing journey to fame and popularity. PHP has made a lot of advancements and brought a new change in the market. There have been many competitors to shake its roots. But nothing could beat its ease and functionalities.

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