Venturing with the first website projects seems more daunting rather than fun for most of the developers. Why is it so? Well, It is because most of them end up selecting technologies without giving them due diligence.

So, one must select a dependable technology like ReactJS. In this blog, we deliberate on why ReactJS IDE is an excellent choice for front-end development.

Overview –

React is the most popular javascript which simplifies the visual interface development. It has been used by tech giants such as Apple, Netflix, etc. for building the interactive user interface. ReactJS brings a wide range of compelling features. A few are listed below:

  • It facilitates the overall writing process. It provides a set of rules which help developers in writing the codes and make the source simpler and cleaner.
  • For developing a high-volume application or customized components, which generally gets migrated from HTML mockup to the ReactJS element, it becomes easier for developer.
  • In a few other javascript, complexity becomes a big headache. Because of React’s reusing system components, there are no such cases with this. ReactJS development technology is featured with Virtual DOM, which allows developers to apply all the changes first, which later get updated on the real DOM tree accordingly.

So, if you are ready to use IDE ReactJS as your new javascript for your project, a good ReactJS IDE is the first thing that you need to consider.

So, Let’s Move Ahead to Talk More About the Best React IDE.

1. VS Code –

You can download VS code on Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, and on SUSE, free of cost under the open-source of MIT license. It is popular among developers for providing all kinds of programming needs. React and VS code easily transformed into a compelling React IDE to enhance the productivity and speed of development using plugins.


2. Atom –

Atom is another interesting and widely used ReactJS IDE. With 50K plus Github stars and more than 13k forks, this open-source IDE for ReactJS development brings varieties of features for an amazing development experience for users as well as for developers. It allows programmers to mangle each part of Atom according to their convenience even without tasting any configuration file.


Windows, Mac, and Linux offer a wide range of applications and high-end support. Additionally, with auto-completion of syntax and inline indentation, mini-map features, it can be customized using Node.js based plugins to maximize functionality.

3. Reactide –

Reactide is the first ReactJS IDE which can be considered as a cross-platform for web application development. It just does not offer an integrated Node Server and custom simulator which eliminates the need for building unnecessary built-tool and server configurations, it renders the project in the browser instantly and provides hot module re-loading by default. This free tool can be downloaded from macOS, Windows and Debian.


4. Alloy Editor React –

This rich ReactJS IDE text editor gets used as a core component for several applications such as blogs, eCommerce administrator tools, and many more. It comprises smart toolbars that appear on the selected text depending on the different context functionality. It allows developers to add buttons or upload relevant images from clipboards or to drag from any other applications. Its amazing architecture enables programmers to paste rich text from web pages and preserve the formatting.


5. Webstorm

This ReactJS IDE is a paid service but one of the most feature-rich IDE for ReactJS Development around the entire javascript ecosystem. Its ecosystem includes Cordova, React Native, Electron, NodeJS, and many more.


JetBrains is a producer of Webstorm, and from the last 18 years, it has been proved as one of the best IDE for continuous product upgrades as well as customer support. Due to its regular product upgrades and support, most of the React.js Development Company relies on this.

6. Nuclide –

Developed by FaceBook, Nuclide works as a text editor for both React Native and ReactJS. However, now Facebook is no longer associated with this and does not offer any associated updates; still, it gets huge community support. Many developers have considered Nuclide as one of the best IDE reactJS technology due to its cross-platform support, autocomplete, inline indentation, build in debugging capabilities, and diagnosis capabilities.


7. Sublime Text-3 –

It is another powerful integrated development programme which helps in various programming languages and frameworks. The sublime Text tool is a great option for those who do not want to scratch their head for anything else.


It has many plugins available to turn sublime into a feature-rich IDE for ReactJS Development. Plus, it can be used for enhancing development experience with ColorSublime, Babel, SublimeREPL, ColorPicker, React ES6 snippet, and many other technologies.

8. Rekit Studio –

Rekit is another ReactJS IDE, which basically focuses on developing apps using React. Along with IDE it also works as a toolkit that gets used for developing scalable applications utilizing React, react-router, and redux. A few basic features like refactoring, unit tests, code generation, support for Less and Sass, react-router, command-line tools etc. help in expanding its functionality.


9. Brackets –

If you are looking for any lightweight, modern and powerful text editor which blends seamlessly with visual tools, Brackets is worth consideration for you. Brackets are produced from Adobe, and it is available under MIT license as free to use the tool. You can find a range of plugins available to enhance Brackets functionality using React components even without delving into the creative procedures. Brackets are specially crafted for web designers and front-end developers.


10. Deco IDE –

Many React.js development services found Deco IDE as the best IDE to react to native development. Earlier it was supported by macOS, but now it is not getting any regular updates from them. Originally it was a paid IDE reactJS, but since 2016 it is now free and open-source to use.



As ReactJS is one of the most famous and usable web development frameworks, the feature-rich and popular reactjs IDE have been upgraded to support React and React Native in the past couple of years. However, the most crucial aspects is to take into account the compatibility of the platforms and to support operating systems along with features and integrations.

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