January 29, 2021

Leena Sanap


A recent report by Statista shows that more than 50% of the developers prefer to use the Nodejs Framework over all others. The benefits of this dynamic framework are immense. From increasing the application’s performance to minimizing the development cost, it has become the ideal choice for various startups, prompting them to invest in the services of a Node.js Development Company.

Among the many JavaScript frameworks, the Nodejs Framework, a powerful set of libraries for servers and backend development has won the collective trust of developers. Recently, PayPal has applauded Node.js Web Development for its better performance, cleaner codebase, and it’s super-fast service.

To streamline the process of web and mobile application development, there are a variety of node js frameworks to choose from.

The Best NodeJS Frameworks to Build Reliable & Flexible Applications:

1. Hapi.js-

It is one of the Best Nodejs Framework for building application programming interface servers (APIs), websites, and HTTP proxy applications. It provides a powerful plugin system, that enables you to make your app feature-rich and troubleshoot errors. It offers functionalities like input validation, configuration, caching which makes it ideal for creating REST APIs. It does not have any external dependencies and possesses reliable security features. Thus it’s perfect for large and distributed teams.

2. Express.js -

A dynamic Nodejs Web Framework Express.js is a suitable choice for building single, multi-page, and hybrid applications. It gives developers the freedom to tailor the application as per their needs. Its super-fast setup and the Node JavaScript environment makes it appropriate for Agile development. Hence, it comes to the aid of the startups wishing for a quick product release.

3. Socket.io -

Tech giants like Microsoft and IBM swear by this full-stack framework that offers real-time analytics, automatic error detection, and custom URL routing for web sockets. It is one of the Best Nodejs Framework to build real-time applications like chatbots, video conferencing apps, score tickers, and the like. The biggest advantage that it offers is its simple API that seamlessly synchronizes with every service.

4. Koa.js -

If you want to develop an efficient server-side application, then there’s no better option than Koa. Composed of a number of middleware functions that, upon request, get executed in a stacked manner, it enables developers to benefit from the scalable network app development process. With Koa, there’s no limit to app customization for you. Its ES6 generator keeps callbacks to a minimum. With a lightweight architecture, Koa is hands down one of the Best Nodejs Framework for managing big projects out there.

5. Meteor.js -

Are you looking to build real-time web and mobile apps with flawless operational processes? Meteor.js is the perfect Nodejs Web Framework for you. It takes the burden of excessive coding by providing the same code-support for various devices. Developers can benefit from its low learning curve for creating fast performing applications. It is also well-integrated with front and backend and provides amazing account and user authentication functionalities.

6. Nest.js -

Creating reliable, scalable, and maintainable server-side applications is not challenging when you have access to Nest.js. It is one of the Best Nodejs Framework for this purpose. It gives you access to optional static type checking with its native support for TypeScript. This is one of its most impressive features. Its modular structure will enable you to use other libraries, and along with its versatile ecosystem, you can create progressive feature-rich solutions.

7. Sails.js -

It is an MVC micro-framework that is compatible with all major databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, among others. Using this Nodejs Web Framework, you can automatically generate REST APIs and build enterprise-scale customized apps. It supports web socket and integrates easily with middleware. It’s code generators facilitate web and app development with fewer code lines. It is one of the most useful frameworks for creating real-time apps.

8. LoopBack.io

Customizing app codes in a quick and efficient manner becomes easy with LoopBack.io, the Best Nodejs Framework to build end-to-end APIs. It supports multiple databases, provides add-ons for managing files and third-party logins, and a streamlined app development process through its structured codes and documentation. Provide better security and app authentication settings by leveraging this framework for your project.

9. Total.js

This Nodejs Web Framework facilitates scalable and speedy web development process through its range of supportive frameworks. Its features like offline documentation, file merging support, web server functionality make it one of the best choices for developing a variety of apps like those of eCommerce, cloud services, and visual programming interfaces.

10. Adonis

Another Best Nodejs Framework for creating server-side applications is Adonis. It is a safe development platform that offers a consistent ecosystem for real-time application development. Developers won’t face any difficulty in using it as it uses an edge template engine. It has validators to check the format of data in the controllers and notify about errors. It is a user-friendly framework that takes away the burden of coding and facilitates effortless application building.


You can benefit from all or one of these Best Nodejs Framework in various ways. However, before choosing any one of them, it’s a good idea to first analyze the needs of your specific web app. It will help you to select the framework that can meet your needs in the best possible way.

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